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Smile appearance plays a big role in nowadays life and missing teeth can significantly harm it. In a long shot, missing teeth can shift remaining teeth, flatten lips, distort chin and complete face look and lead to premature facial aging. To keep a smile in place and avoid deformation of the face, another great option is to place the dentures.

Partial Dentures Albany has already helped many people to restore their smile and face appearances, so let’s look at what Partial Dentures Albany are and how one can benefit from getting them.

Partial Dentures Albany are artificial removable, yet natural-looking dental appliances that replace Patient’s missing teeth and restore functions of the jaw. Mostly, Partial Dentures Albany are a combination of acrylic and metal, which allows them to look naturally and be strong enough to handle chewing and speaking processes.

In case Patient is missing one or multiple teeth, the first and most important thing to do is to replace them with artificial ones. If missing teeth aren’t replaced timely, chewing processes can shift remaining natural teeth in regard to compensate the gaps and shrink surrounding soft tissues and jawbone. Unfortunately, such deformations can damage underlying structures of the mouth, alter Patient’s physical appearance and lead to premature aging.

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