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Back Doctor Uptown Manhattan

Back Doctor Uptown Manhattan
Back Doctor Uptown Manhattan


Many things can cause the back or spinal area to have pain. The pain levels associated with each condition will also vary. The main causes of back pain are trauma or an accident, degenerative disks and stress.

When the body is stressed, the muscles will tense up, especially in the back. The muscles being stiff will cause pressure and pain. By relieving the pressure and allowing the muscles to be relaxed, the pain can be reversed. This can all happen using no medications and with no harmful side effects. Most people state that they feel relieved after they have had a manipulation.

Using a holistic method to treat back pain is the best. Though there may be some tenderness or a headache after the first initial treatment, most people feel great after having a regular routine of being adjusted.

Controlling chronic pain using the body’s inner defense mechanisms rather than prescription medications is always a better way to treat chronic back pain. To find your relief, call us today.

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