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Back Pain Doctor NYC

Back Pain Doctor NYC
Back Pain Doctor NYC

Most people experience back pain at one time or another. Soreness after doing exercise or prolonged manual labor, particularly when that activity is rarely performed, can result in fatigued muscles. Usually, muscle fatigue disappears on its own in a few days.

However, when pain persists or increases in intensity, then it’s time to consult your Back Pain Doctor NYC. Ignoring back pain often leads to more symptoms, so addressing your pain as soon as possible is extremely important.

While some back pain may be relieved with exercises and minimal treatment, other spinal problems can be serious and lead to limited mobility if not properly treated.

Attempting to live through or ignore the pain may cause irreversible damage to spinal discs, causing them to rupture or become herniated, which can make the problem permanent. Talking to your doctor about persistent pain and receiving a proper examination can at least alleviate or even reverse the problem.

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