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Fed up of your eyeshadow creasing and not attaining the perfect look you desire? Well, then we have a solution for you. A lotion based eye shadow primer is what you need. Let us make you understand the use and importance of an eyeshadow primer a little more in detail.

Foundations and primers are basically used to help you apply your makeup smoothly and evenly. Furthermore, it also helps to keep all the makeup applied over it in place. A similar kind of job is done by the eye shadow primer. As the foundation or primer used on the rest of the face does not really give the same result beneath the eye shadow.

An eye shadow primer brings the best out of your eye shadow or complete eye makeup. Plus it also makes the eye shadow even the complete eye makeup to stay perfect for a longer period of time. It lets you apply your eye shadow and eye makeup smoothly as well. And the eye shadow primer can be used on the rest of the face as well, unlike the face primer which can not be used on the eyes. The numerous benefits of an eye shadow primer are mentioned below.

Five reasons why you should use an eye shadow primer

First of all the eye shadow primer preps up your eyelids to apply the eye shadow. It helps in longer wear and makes it easy for the eye shadow to blend in. Moreover, it renders a smooth canvas to the eye shadow to help it stay in place.

An eye shadow primer evens out the skin out. It is beneficial for people with darkened skin around the eyes and it also covers up any veins that might be showing. Further, it also helps in hiding the discolouration as completely evens the skin tone.

You must have often witnessed that some of the eye shadows look lighter on the skin when applied than they do on the eye shadow palette. Well, the eye shadow primer also helps you to keep the eye shadow intensified all throughout the time.

The eye shadow primer acts as a barrier between the eye shadow and the skin. Thus if your skin is oily or it produces a little bit of oil sometimes then you do not need to worry if you have applied the primer. Because the primer will not the eye shadow get smudged or fade away due to the oil from your skin.

Eye shadow primer also prevents creasing that is caused due to the normal movements of the eye. This helps in keeping the eye makeup in place. And thus the eye shadow along with all the other eye makeup lasts much longer than you expected.

So, this was all the many benefits of a simple yet extremely beneficial eye shadow primer. Now, next time you do eye makeup don’t forget to apply the primer first.


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