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Dental Crowns
Dental Crowns

If you or your dentist see the need to restore or cover your tooth, either after some sort of damage or dental treatment, crowns are undoubtedly number one choice! Dental crowns are used in most cases that require covering the tooth or its part by artificial one and have been proving themselves for many years. Dental Crowns are used to serve various dental purposes, starting with cosmetic ones and ending with something comprehensive as dental implants coverage.

Dental Crowns are prosthetic caps, constructed to restore damaged teeth or its part in its original shape, size and color. Dental Crowns serve many dental purposes and can be placed on top of the tooth, simply as a protection or tooth part replacement, or extended onto the root surface, so they can replace the whole missing or extracted tooth.

Dental Crowns are individually constructed to match the structure, shape and color of the Patient’s natural tooth, so they make no visible differences despite their locations.

First of all, Dental Crowns are commonly used to cover the parts of teeth that have been removed or lost due to the various dental issues such as broken or cracked teeth or teeth. For instance, some root canal treatments require a top part of the tooth to be removed in order to save the rest of it. In such cases, removing part of the tooth is replaced with Dental Crown.

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