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Dr. Turners Nutrition

Dr. Turners Nutrition
Dr. Turners Nutrition

Visit Our Long Beach Nutritionist For Better Overall Health A nutritionist is definitely an expert in making use of food and nutrition for promoting health insurance and managing diseases. Nutritionists advice people about what to eat and what to avoid to lead healthier lifestyles or achieve specific health-related goals. The title “nutritionist” is just not as regulated as “dietician”, and in most cases has a more general and broader meaning. The title is usually not protected, which means almost anyone can make use of it. Still, it does not mean that there aren’t any standards for nutritionists. The titles nutritionist and dietician are virtually indistinguishable for most people. However, one of the key differences between both of these professionals is that the dietitian helps plan meals for that handling of signs and symptoms of medical problems and diagnosing eating disorders.

3530 Atlantic Ave #102
Long Beach, CA
ZIP Code:
United States

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