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Elements Preschool Kindergarten New York

Elements Preschool Kindergarten New York
Elements Preschool Kindergarten New York
Elements Preschool is a nature-based preschool and kindergarten in the lower east side of New York City. The school provides natural learning environment where play leads to expedition and experiences that are long-lasting. The school follows a curriculum founded upon the concept of nature-based learning where the activities focus on ensuring that the kids in preschool and kindergarten make a much deeper and meaningful relationship with themselves and each other along with academic learning. Elements Preschool Kindergarten New York ensures the growth of the children in not only preschool academics regarding science, language, and basic literacy but in awareness of self that creates varied opportunities for all.

Business Services:
Private Preschool programs for Infants and Toddlers in New York City.
We offer nature-based learning programs for kids from the age of 3 months to 30 months. Our mission is to encourage interest like play to help develop curiosity, imagination and creativity for critical thinking skills. Their approaches are drawn from research-based theories to best suit their belief in shaping the learning pattern and space according to the needs of the child.

Private Preschool for 2-5-year-olds in New York City.
We provide the learning programs for kids from the age of 2 years to 4.9 years. The elements preschool uses the natural elements of earth, water, fire, air, and space to decide the basic yearly theme which is further developed by various science, literacy, and art themes to reinforce the excellent development of the students all around the year.

Summer Camp for preschool kids in New York City.
Summers at Elements are spent making pies and cakes in our mud kitchen and garnishing them with leaves and twigs we collect in the yard. We learn about growing our own fruits and vegetables, which are then harvested for cooking projects. We play in water; dig in the dirt, and find worm families. These experiences and endless discussions facilitated by our trained and nurturing teachers set the base for avid imaginations, creativity, collaboration, and a love of learning. We offer our summer program at a per diem rate in order to make it more flexible for parents who are planning trips during the summer.

99 Suffolk St,
New York, NY
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