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Embossed Polycarbonate Sheet – UVPLASTIC

Embossed Polycarbonate Sheet
Embossed Polycarbonate Sheet – UVPLASTIC
Embossed & matted sheets are solid polycarbonate sheets with a texture on one surface. The purpose of texturing is to diffuse light and prevent see-through, as are deemed necessary for a variety of applications. These textures allow the diffusion of natural light in, along with the finding of an even dispersion of light over a large area.

Embossed polycarbonate sheet and sheet factory
Uvplastic embossed polycarbonate sheet is a decorative material that is used in dome skylights, windows, bathrooms, etc.
Product details
Uvplastic Embossed polycarbonate sheet is the same material as Lexan and Suntuf, Maklon, Mitsubishi material from Japan and Sabic material, with anti-UV coating on the surface and a ten-year guarantee. Approved chemical building material testing and national industry standards.
Anti-ultraviolet, anti-aging: Co-extrusion coating of anti-UV resin on the surface of a weatherproof, weak textured polycarbonate sheet. There is a high concentration of anti-UV coatings on the surface that can block UV radiation and prevent yellowing, extend the life of the plate and ensure excellent transparency for a long time.
Flame retardancy: Polycarbonate plastic films have excellent flame retardancy up to class B1, which has been tested by the national laboratory. The auto-ignition temperature is 630 ° C. Would not contribute to the spread of fire if burned, no smoke and no toxic gases. Self-extinguishing Away from the fire.
Lightweight, environmentally friendly and unbreakable: the 10mm embossed plastic sheets are 85% lighter than 6mm toughened glass. Easy and durable for construction.
Impact resistance: The polycarbonate plastic films with excellent impact resistance from -40 ° C to + 120 ° C, which are left outdoors for a long time.
Light transmission: The light transmission of the clearly embossed polycarbonate sheet could be up to 89%. Also, multi-roll clear polycarbonate sheet could make up as much as 80%. The transparency won’t be bad after use. The embossed polycarbonate film with color could let the strongest part of the sun’s rays through, so convert the light into soft.
Dimensional stability: The textured polycarbonate sheet would have good impact resistance and rigidity even after a long period of time under complex extreme temperature conditions.
For Outdoor: Roof, Skylight, Balcony, Sidewalk, Overhead Bridge, Ceiling Panel, Car Sign, Advertising Protection etc.
For indoor use: partition walls, shower cups, interior fittings, decorating blind flanges, window-door fittings, etc.
ISO 9001 and SGS.
UVPlastic is a traditional plastic factory in China. We have been manufacturing polycarbonate and GRP sheets for 45 years. As a result of our efforts, we already have the world’s leading process for manufacturing plastics. Makrolon, Palsun and Monogal.

+86 512 85186727
No. 205, Suzhou West Avenue, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China
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