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Emergency Dentist Coxsackie

Emergency Dentist Coxsackie
Emergency Dentist Coxsackie

A dental emergency can occur without warning. Often, you or your kids need emergency dental care due to an accident like an errant blow to the face while playing a sport. Usually, though, you require emergency dental attention after biting down on something — like an ice cube, nut, hard candy or pen — that causes tooth pain.

But there are many reasons for needing urgent dental care. If you get hurt during normal business hours, you can rush to your local Albany-area restorative family dentist for a quick diagnosis and repair. Otherwise, you have to wait it out with careful self-care and over-the-counter pain medication. Call your dentist right away to see you can make arrangements to come in —or at least get instructions on your next steps.

You may not know what qualifies as a dental emergency. Is it serious or will it pass after a little while? If the pain is minimal but consistent, you may be fine until the next day when you can see your dentist. But sometimes, the resulting pain in your gums, teeth or jaw are so intense that you have no choice but to seek immediate treatment.

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