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Estate Planning Attorney NYC

Estate Planning Attorney NYC

Many people can feel overwhelmed by the thought of meeting with an estate planning attorney and doubt whether they even need to plan their estate at all. However, it’s important to consider that without an estate plan, a probate would take place and your affairs would be managed by a probate attorney who may not provide the best administration of your finances and assets.

In hopes of helping people understand a bit more about estate planning and encouraging them to get in touch with an estate planning attorney, here are some of the most common questions people have about estate planning that keep them from making this most vital preparation for the future:

1. Am I at an age where I need to start thinking about estate planning?
This is a prevalent inquiry among people who are unfamiliar with the function and value of estate planning in New York. It is not just the elderly who need to get their finances and assets planned out. Although it is uncomfortable to think about, the nature of life is such that people pass away at any age and in any condition—young or old, ill or healthy.

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