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Discover the Eye Trax advantage with worldwide wireless connected security cameras powered by the sun. Eye Trax provides a security camera solution for locations that don’t offer power or an internet connection that is typically required for camera surveillance. Eye Trax camera systems are autonomously powered by the sun and transmit over the cellular network back to our cloud-based software. Video is captured upon motion activated events and images are captured on a schedule for time-lapse video creation. Our cloud-based software provides connectivity from any device allowing as many active users as desired and archives camera videos & images.

Commercial security cameras enable businesses to keep a watchful eye on their most valuable assets at all times. With a network of surveillance devices blanketing their sites, companies and other entities can monitor for thieves, vandals, natural disasters and other catastrophes. To name a few, construction firms, oil refineries, and security firms utilize these products to keep their people and property safe. As a leader in providing commercial and industrial security cameras, Eye Trax offers powerful, flexible monitoring solutions. Unlike other manufacturers, Eye Trax provides professional-grade video surveillance equipment.

4200 Performance Rd Charlotte, NC 28214 United States
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