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Fort Worth Hood Cleaning
Fort Worth Hood Cleaning
When looking for a company to clean a commercial kitchen exhaust system, many call Fort Worth Hood Cleaning in Fort Worth, Texas. We have one job and that is cleaning the hood above the stove in a commercial kitchen.

Fort Worth Hood Cleaning is a commercial kitchen exhaust system cleaning company in Fort Worth, Texas. Hood cleaning is the process of degreasing the hood above the stove. When cooking food, contaminates are released into the air. The hood has filters that trap those contaminates; however, grease can build up on the interior and it needs to be cleaned frequently.
The frequency the hoods should be cleaned depends on type of fuel used when cooking. If a restaurant is using hard woods or is open twenty-four hours a day, it is recommended a hood get cleaned on a monthly basis. The majority of the commercial kitchens in use should have their hoods cleaned on a quarterly basis.
There are many other commercial kitchens like day camps or banquet halls that only use the kitchen a couple of times a week that only need to have the hoods cleaned on a yearly basis. It is best to get the opinion of a professional hood cleaning company like Fort Worth Hood Cleaning to see how often a commercial kitchen should have their exhaust system cleaned.
Using a professional company for hood cleaning is becoming a requirement for insurance. It is best to not pick the hood cleaning company that gives the lowest bid. There are numerous examples of what is overlooked when a commercial restaurant uses the cheapest company. In one instance, the roof was never cleaned, and the roof had over ten feet of grease spread over the roof.
When grease accumulates on the roof, it becomes a fire hazard. It also damages the roof and can be a costly repair. It will soak into the roof and the weight could cause the roof to collapse into the building.

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