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Glass Partitions Queens

Glass Partitions Queens
Glass Partitions Queens

Some people worry that having glass partitions is inviting trouble because they have had experience with broken windows and other glass items breaking in the past. The fact is, however, that the glass used for these types of areas is made to be extremely strong and durable. They are also treated so they won’t shatter if they are hit with a hard object. Despite the transparent look, the glass is actually quite a bit thicker than a traditional window you might find in your home so it will be plenty strong enough to stand up to most everyday uses.

If something does happen to the glass partitions, however, we stand behind our work and can do window repair, window replacement or anything else that is needed for just about any type of glass in Jamaica, Queens. We are here to help you with all your glass needs whether they were originally installed by us, or someone else, we can help you repair or replace it quickly and safely.

Each job for every one of our customers in Jamaica is overseen by one of the owners to ensure everything goes smoothly and you are entirely happy with the end result. If you ever have any problems or questions with any of our glass partition work please don’t hesitate to call. When it comes to glass, we’re the best and we want to help you with your next project.

(646) 9804336
84-82 168th Pl, second floor, #2, Jamaica, NY
ZIP Code:
United States

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