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The system uses Plane Wave Technology to achieve astounding reductions in sound propagation and bass frequency transference. Each panel used in the system is carefully engineered to ensure that every speaker runs perfectly in phase. Essentially, all the speakers work in unison to create one giant speaker. When combined and housed over a dedicated area, the system acts as a “waterfall”, immersing the listener in high quality, full frequency sound
JBN Sound Solutions is the Most Trusted Acoustic Consultant based in Melbourne. Contact us for High-Quality Acoustic Consultant Service and Audio Solutions!

At Jbn Sound Solutions our goal is to provide a guaranteed solution to amplified music noise complaints with the installation of the Jbn Sound Ceiling – directional speaker system.

With unrivalled knowledge of noise complaints from neighbours relating to amplified music within the hospitality industry, Jbn Sound Solutions has proven its ability to provide a long term, guaranteed, sustainable solution whilst offering peace of mind to the venue owner/operator

(61) 409-931-704
6 Spencer St, Essendon, VIC, AUSTRALIA
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  • The Jbn Sound Ceiling® is a modular based speaker system designed to provide high quality amplified music whilst solving noise complaints. Compared to conventional speaker systems, the Jbn Sound Ceiling can achieve significant sound pressure reductions without the need for costly building renovations, sound barriers or walls. Upon installation indoor applications achieve a minimum reduction of 10dB(c) outside the venue whilst outdoor installations achieve a minimum of 15dB(c)

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