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Learn Noorani Qaida

Learn Noorani Qiada Online
Learn Noorani Qaida
Learn Noorani Qaida Online with English Tutors – In this course, Kids & Adults can learn How to Read Arabic Language and Tajweed in an easiest modern way.

Learn Noorani Qaida To Become Skilled At Reciting The Quran
Noorani Qaida is a first book that is specifically designed to educate Muslim beginners before starting the Quran. Both kids and adults who are not aware of reading Arabic of the Quran with perfection should study this course.

It is the most important course for every person who wishes to learn to read the Quran in Arabic. Anyone can study this Qaida book but cannot learn by themselves because there are certain rules that every reciter should understand for reading the Holy verses. Tutors teaching Tajweed should be knowledgeable and qualified. There are some important principles of recitation that only qualified teachers can teach.

Muslims can find Tajweed teachers from a madrassa. Some students go to mosques as there are Qaris in the mosques who teach Qaida. Countries in the West don’t have the facility of mosques and Islamic centers everywhere. Some areas have the mosques but some areas do not have any mosque. Where there are madrassas and mosques, Qaris help Muslims in learning the Quran through Qaida Book. This is the traditional way through which students can Learn Noorani Qaida. In the past, nearly every student used to go to madrassa or mosque to learn the Holy Book. Home tutors were also available who used to come to the houses of students to teach them.

Learning Qaida Via Home Tutors
In Muslim countries, parents usually hire home tutors for their kids. In Western countries, hiring a Qari to teach kids at home is quite expensive. Secondly, Qaris are also not available in every area. Muslims face problems in not only learning the Koran but also teaching it to their children. This is a risk for the new generation of the Muslim community that they may lose their religion and bonding with their lord. So, there should be some arrangement for their religious education and Koran learning. If they don’t find it difficult to travel, they can join any Quran center. But if it is difficult for them to travel, there is an option of online classes for them.

Learning via Online Classes
Now anyone whether young or old can learn Noorani Qaida online. The classes are open to Muslims all over the world. Taking online lessons are also easy to take.

Online classes make it easy to become skilled at recitation. It is especially helpful for kids and beginners. The tutors teach beginners how to read the Quran. The learners don’t necessarily learn Tajweed rules in the Qaida. There is a Qaida course in which students understand all the Tajweed rules. This course is a better one. Basically, it is the foundation course in which students study the Quran with Tajweed.

Teachers are also experienced and know how to increase the interest of the students in the class. The students study the basics from the Arabic alphabets and after learning them, the students understand how to form words and then sentences. The learners also learn the right pronunciation of alphabets.

Online courses are great and students learn in a much better way because the tutors take tests after completion of the course. Some teachers take tests after the completion of each lesson. In this way, they can check their progress.

The course is not very difficult. Just like other languages like English, the students have to learn from the basic alphabets and their pronunciation. It does not take much longer to complete this course. Normally students take from 8 – 10 weeks to learn the Noorani Qaida and after that, the student is able to read the Quran independently and fluently.

Qaida for Adults
Online classes are the most popular kind of learning in recent time. It helps the students of all ages to take classes and learn this basic course. The adults who didn’t learn Qaida at their younger age can take classes of Qaida too.

Often at older ages feel ashamed of learning Qaida and they are not willing to take group classes. Online live lessons are the best option for them because there is no other student and teachers teach one student at a time. In this way, students get a better understanding of alphabets, their pronunciation, and words formation according to Tajweed.

In non-Muslim countries, there are many people who convert to Islam. They, therefore, need guidance and have to learn the Koran from basics. So, new Muslims also feel comfortable to study Qaida online. They can hire a teacher from a country of their choice. For example, a student living in the West can learn from Arabic teachers. Pakistanis living in the western countries if wish to learn Qaida from Pakistani teachers can hire an online teacher from Pakistan. The easiest way is to find a Quran academy and learn from the Qari. These days, there are a lot of academies offering online Koran teaching services. Students can Learn Quran Online from these academies. Teachers teaching Qaida course are also very expert. They know all the recitation rules so students can benefit from them.

How Can You Succeed In Learning Qaida Course?
Usually, students just want to complete this basic course in a very short time so that they can move to the other course. They should understand that if you try to finish it quickly, they will never get a command on the basic thing like Tajweed. The main purpose of studying this course is to understand Tajweed so that they can have good pronunciation.

On the other hand, if students give some time to learn this course, it will give positive consequences. They will learn the lessons easily and will remember them forever. Consequently, you will be able to avoid mistakes. After the completion of this course, the pronunciation and accent become good. This is the kind of knowledge that you cannot acquire overnight. It takes some time and practice. The practice is a very important thing.

Importance of a teacher is vital and a good teacher can help students make the best out of Qaida lessons. Your success depends on the knowledge and experience of your teacher.

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