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Our ability to have such a great inventory of vehicles, and to offer them at the lowest prices around, are all because of a major difference between us and other car leasing companies. This big difference might not sound like a big deal, but we assure you – and will explain below just how – it makes for incredible differences for our customers in terms of vehicle choice, prices, and convenience. That big difference is that, instead of having a physical car lot – the kind you have to drive to – we have a virtual lot, a lot that’s located on the internet and which you can visit any time you want. Once you do make up your mind, you can be happy knowing that you’ll be able to lease that vehicle at the lowest price around, and all because, once again, we have a virtual lot. You see, those old-school, physical lots cost a lot of money to acquire and keep. Property costs, property taxes, utilities, insurance, payroll for the folks who staff those places – all of these things amount to a really high overhead. And a high overhead is always passed down to the customer. But we don’t have costs like those, so our overhead is a lot, lot lower. And a low overhead for us means low prices for you. Convenience is yet another super-cool thing about our having a virtual lot. When you lease from other companies, you first have to get to those companies, something that typically involves hiring cabs or hitting up your family and friends for rides. Once you’re there, some sales guy will latch onto you and follow you about the place, talking a good game, doing his shtick, rushing you along, and trying to pressure you into leasing something as quickly as possible so he can collect his commission and get back to playing with his phone.

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