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Pediatric Dental Sealants Houston Texas

Pediatric Dental Sealants Houston Texas
Pediatric Dental Sealants Houston Texas
Sealants are most commonly used on the molars, which have a very rough surface. They can, however, be used on other teeth that have an abnormal valley or a change in shape somewhere.

The process of applying a sealant is completely painless and requires no sedation, but sedation dentistry is an option for children who are nervous about the visit. As a pediatric dentist in Houston, our office is highly focused on cavity prevention and proper oral development in children. We not only use smaller equipment for a more comfortable experience but work closely with parents to train children in healthy dental habits.

Dental sealants are particularly useful in pediatric dentistry as they notably slow the accumulation of bacteria in the mouth for children.

Natural looking fillings are generally more expensive, as are fillings that are very durable. Still, it is important to consider the cost as well as how well the filling will perform in strengthening the teeth, as well as its appearance in the mouth.

Resin fillings, while very natural looking, can take some extra time to apply as opposed to a porcelain or metal filling.

These fillings need to be applied in layers and cured before applying each successive layer. Curing a layer just involves letting it dry and harden.

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