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Photo Moon Light
Photo Moon Light is a special collection of images captured in natural and artistic light.

Photo Moon Light is a special collection of images captured in natural and artistic light. I used to spend a lot of time in nature and during those times I was always amazed by the natural beauty of things. The images captured by these wonderful professional photographers are really special, because they are not something you see everyday, because they are the ‘real thing’.

The subject of each image is the photographer. I was always fascinated by the person who takes these pictures. They take pictures with a lot of intensity and passion.

There are some examples of my images, but I’m not comfortable sharing them all with you. I do not want to put them on the web. My work is for personal use only, not for commercial purposes. In fact, I don’t have a single penny in my pocket, but I do enjoy this work I am doing and I believe that it has helped me have a better outlook on life and more insight to live in the world we live in.

I think one of the reasons why I am doing this, is because I want to help people like me who love nature, but don’t know how to use it. I want to give other people the chance to learn to photograph what nature gives to us, because I have tried my best to capture the magic that nature is so often but too often overlooked. One can also get a glimpse of beauty in this world, especially the natural world.

If I could sum up all the images that I have captured in my career in natural beauty, I think it would be this: I am sure the majority of us in the world don’t know how beautiful a sunset is, but I am sure everyone would agree to it being natural. Sometimes you just need a lot of patience and creativity to capture the natural beauty and art, which you can also share with others. What would a photo album look like without these images?

The reason why I am doing this is not because I am trying to sell these pictures or make money from them. It is simply because I am passionate about photography and am trying to provide other people like me with something valuable.

I hope you like this collection, because I have included many inspiring images that I have taken at a great level of complexity. I hope that you can discover your own beauty and find a way to express it in your work.

Lastly, if you are willing to learn the art of photography, which I have done, then I hope you will continue your passion with me. Because I think that photography and creative talent should never be confused. You can easily learn from me, since I have learned it from my own heart.


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