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Producer Confidential
Producer Confidential
There’s an underground revolution sweeping the streets and studios of your favorite beatmakers, as Producer Confidential prepare their worldwide release of exclusive soundpacks. Producer Confidential are an elite collective of producers and audiophiles

Producer Confidential is offering limited access to the same service previously available only to A-List producers… Except they have figured out a way to make it affordable to home producers, charging a fraction of the price record label big dogs have been paying for years. For a small fee, they are allowing access to a collection of industry-standard sounds and sample packs crafted by professional musicians and sound engineers in their million-dollar sound lab, using only the best gear.

As a member of Producer Confidential, you’ll never waste time fumbling through endless kick and snare packs, or frustrating yourself fixing low quality sounds with RAM-eating processing chains. With PC sound packs, you get the same level of sounds and loops as those at the top modern music’s food-chain.

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