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Ritual Candles Philadelphia

Ritual Candles Philadelphia
Ritual Candles Philadelphia

Red, skull-shaped ritual candles are used in a variety of rituals, but its primary use is to control the thoughts and influence the actions of others. Oral traditions and western literature have long associated skulls with death, mortality, and evil, but a burning red candle in the shape of a skull alleviates obstacles and negative energy for its user.
Fewer women today are finding opportunities to build relationships with single men. Reduced to hopelessness, many use witchcraft to mendaciously break apart their lover’s family. Unforeseen tragedy–sometimes extending to children–typically follows. Our made-in-store candles are cast with protective spells by head priestess Valeria Karat to bypass these unfortunate and unintended consequences.
In addition to special Red Ritual Candles complementary herbs and oils include rose and lavender.
Red skull ritual candles protect you and your family from demonism and other undue influences. They also infuse romantic relationships with love, passion, and boundless happiness.

Phone: 215-770-6428
Address: 601 Walnut St, suite 15A, Philadelphia, PA
ZIP Code: 19106
Country: United States

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