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Satellite Innovations

Satellite builds dedicated offshore development groups for new ventures and tech-enabled companies. Our experts assemble teams of experienced software engineers that are perfectly matched to your business, and your offshore team works as a natural branch of your company to design, develop and scale outstanding software products.

Our special providing is not outsourcing – it’s your offshore development center. Our experts aid build your team of engineers, designers, testers, and business analysts at our offshore development centers, set them up in a private workplace and manage all the hassles of an international operation, although you preserve complete control over your team and the development process. Satellite’s unique strategy drives over 70% cost savings relative to in-house U.S. hiring, and is the easiest way to scale up your engineering team and accelerate development.

Why Choose Satellite?

World-class talent
The best engineers aren’t only in the US. They’re all over the world, and also we choose them for you.

Full control over development.
Satellite supply teams, not projects. You keep complete control over the staff and workflow.

Drive 70% cost reduction
We provide transparent pricing and month-to-month flexibility. You save 70% vs. U.S. staff.

Long-term partnerships
We’re your partner, not your vendor, and our “dedicated teams” model aligns our interests.

How We Build Successful Teams

We don’t attempt to sell you anything. Instead, Satellite’s engineering, business and recruiting leaders work carefully with you to understand what you’re building so that we can recommend ideal team frameworks that satisfy your demands and finances. We then support you the recruit, interview and land the best people in the industry. Our team keeps our recruiting procedure to a very high level – it benefits everyone to hire amazing people – and you are able to be as included in the team-building process as you ‘d like.

Our teams typically fall into a few categories:
For early-stage startups (pre-Seed), the ideal team is typically a few knowledgeable senior engineers. This particularly lets you fast build a successful initial product with limited oversight required.
For high-growth startups (Seed – Series B), the ideal team is usually a full team that can design, build and deploy enterprise-grade software. These kinds of groups are normally at least 8 people and include engineers, a designer, a project manager and a tester.
When it comes to later-stage startups, we’re typically building either a large squad (similar to above) or an entire “Satellite office” with separate security, comprehensive branding, and a wide range of adaptability.

Feel free to call us in case you’re interested in a fast, cost-efficient augmentation regarding your development team!

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