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Spine Team Spokane
Spine Team Spokane

Spine Team Pain Center is revolutionizing the pain management and pain injections space. We are not only a physical therapy facility that focuses on back pain, knee pain, neck pain, and many more areas of pain, but also specializes in best practices for pain injections. Tell us where you hurt and our Spokane Spine Team will adjust and fix your painful areas of the body. Some of the pain injections that we perform are epidural steroid injections, medial branch blocks, PRP Therapy, radiofrequency and neuroablation! Common areas that we perform on are for shoulder pain, neck pain, hip pain, head pain, back pain, knee pain, foot/ankle pain, and elbow/wrist/hand pain.
Spine Team Spokane rehab department also includes recovery care, functional care, and performance care. Each type of care will have a different focus.
Spine Team Spokane recovery care is going to assist with recovering quicker from neck, shoulder, low back, hips, and ankle pains. Our protocols help with reducing inflammation and pain, which in turn improves the flexibility of your body. The treatment plans are designed per person and not every person has the same body, so that means they don’t have the same plan to treat for their pain.
Our spine team is focused on functional care to prevent your body pain from ever starting and causing you issues. The functional care is going to help with your coordination, stability, and balance which in turn will create a better quality of life for you. Whether you’re an athlete or someone that enjoys high intensity activities, Spine Team Spokane will assist in setting your foundation. This will help you control and stabilize your strength, endurance, speed, agility, and power. Our programs have been designed by athletes for all levels of athletes.
Come visit our team for professional care, to relieve your body of the pain you may be feeling before your pain even starts. Whether your body needs rehab or pain injections, we are here to help.

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