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United Polaris Home Buyer Network

United Polaris Home Buyer Network
United Polaris Home Buyer Network
Home buyer network, how to be tenants in common, get connected to be tenants in common

UNITED POLARIS HOME BUYER NETWORK is a world industry pioneer and industry leader in the homebuyer network industry. United Polaris focuses on connecting home buyers with similar interests together and helps them become tenants in common, which are legally protected by law in Canada. We charge for a small fee for making connections between home buyers. After being connected with other home buyers, you could find a real estate agent who is willing to represent you as a group. Alternatively, we could offer you a list of real estate agents who are willing to represent you as a group; we do not charge any referral fees for that.

You maybe need us if you are in one of the following situations: i). homebuyers with lower income (eg. only could save a few hundred per month for home purchasing purpose but still want to buy properties in the large city area or ii). those who don’t have a partner to take a loan with; iii). homeowners who wish to diversify their current investment portfolio; iv) those who are unsure about the future of the real estate price in a certain area and is reluctant to make a big investment at once.

United Polaris is Vancouver based. Currently, we focus on Vancouver and Toronto area, but in the future, we wish to expand to the international market as well. Isn’t it exciting to own a fraction of property in your dream cities such as New York, Vancouver, and Toronto? Not to mention the monthly rent distribution you would receive and the possible capital increase you might experience!

Attention: You may want to reconsider if you are a first time home buyer as the first-time owner can enjoy several tax benefits. For details, please check our blog posting “Attention: First Time Home Buyers”. If you are still unsure about if you should become a joint owner, consult a professional real estate agent.

Block D, Qibaoyiju, Sanyuan Road, Nancheng District
Dongguan, Guangdong 523000 China
ZIP Code:

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