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Lucky Star Brewery
Address: s 45342, 219 S 2nd St
Miamisburg, OH 45342

The Lucky Star Brewery Story – In a nutshell we love to re-purpose things. As I look around the brewery it seems almost everything we have was originally made to do something else. I think it must be something in brewer’s DNA that we have to modify and manipulate anything we get our hands on. Our little 10bbl brew house consist of wine fermenters, dairy tanks and yogurt fermenters. The only thing we have that was originally made to brew beer, is our kettle.Our love for beer took us from shore to shore and beyond sampling beers and enjoying breweries all over the world. In every brewery we visited one thing was common, the people loved what they were doing and were proud of the beers they brewed. The more breweries we visited the more we learned and the more we wanted to open a brewery of our own. After years of research (drinking beers) and working in a small brewery in Colorado, we started putting together a business plan and looking for a building.
After two years of searching we finally found the perfect home for Lucky Star in downtown Miamisburg. A one hundred and seventy year old building that was originally built by the Gamble family (of Proctor and Gamble fame) to manufacture farming equipment was chosen. Just one short year of renovation and much more research (more beer drinking) we were ready to open on Aug 1st 2014
We want Lucky Star to be a fun place to enjoy our beers, eat some yummy authentic Mexican food, and hang out with friends. So, if you are in the neighborhood drop in and enjoy a beer, check out our brewhouse, and tell us what you like about your favorite brews.

(937) 866-2739