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Master Of Cleaning – Carpet And Upholstery Cleaning
Address: 30 Harlequin court, Hamilton


We have years of experience in complex cleaning services in Glasgow, so you can be sure that your space is properly taken care of. We use high-end equipment and professional, environmental-friendly chemical solutions — we guarantee that your home interiors and exteriors are not only left clean, but also restored to their primal beauty, if possible. We constantly upgrade our skills, all our team is certified and well-trained —our goal is to exceed your expectations.

Phone: 07564244871
Country: United Kingdom
Mae Artisan Rugs
Address: 1st Floor, 59 Roeland Street
Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town

We’re a contemporary and bespoke rug store based in Cape Town, South Africa. We design and create beautiful artisan rugs.

The focus of Mae Artisan Rugs is to create beautiful, original pieces of art for the floor. With bold colours, contemporary designs, and refined detailing; we believe that modern rugs are so much more than floor coverings.

At Mae Artisan Rugs, the rug is reinvented as an art piece, a luxurious focal point within a room. The diversity of materials, colours and patterns now

available allow endless creative possibilities and bespoke rugs can be created to effortlessly unite any interior setting.
Our extensive range includes both, contemporary and traditional pieces. In addition we have a focused service offering the design of customized, bespoke rugs. At Mae Artisan Rugs we value the heritage of traditional rug artisanship and we work closely with our offices in India, Tibet and Nepal to create rugs of the highest quality.

Our company manages all aspects of its manufacturing from the design of its collections and bespoke pieces, sourcing of raw materials, dyeing and spinning of wool, to weaving of all of our rugs. This attention to detail has allowed us to develop a unique product range that is globally competitive in cost, quality, and design, with a focus on highly skilled craftsmanship.

Phone: (+27) 21 461 2025
Country: South Africa
Carpet Cleaning Group DC
Address: 1907 3rd St NW

Carpet cleaning Group DC offers the best Carpet Cleaning, rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning services in Washington DC. We deliver 24/7 carpet cleaning services to support you day and night.

Phone: 202-558-4883
Country: United States
California Well Done Cleaning Services
Address: 710 S Myrtle Ave Unit 609, Monrovia CA
We California Well Done Cleaning Services are taking the necessary precautions for maintaining your space free as possible from germs.

Bathroom cleaning, mopping laundry room, living area cleaning, every single thing would be done according to your satisfactory level. Since our founding, California Well Done Cleaning Services has been known for quality services, exceptional efficiency, and the highest level of professionalism.

Phone: (909) 470-9919
Country: United States
Christian Brothers Carpet Cln
Address: 2814 14th St


Let’s examine your daily cleaning routine. Since you want your home and office to always look clean and shining, you follow a daily vacuuming routine. But do you think that just vacuuming can clean your home and office completely.No it is not so because it only cleans dust and dirt on the surface of items but is not able to clean your exquisite rugs, shining carpet and fragile upholstery thoroughly. For cleaning such delicate items you need the help of professional cleaners available at Christian Brothers Carpet Cleaning Company. With the passage of time the demand for carpet cleaning services has increased manifold because people have realized that cleaning their carpets on their own is not possible at all. Even regular vacuuming is not sufficient and if you try to experiment, it may destroy your unique carpets completely. Therefore it is better to engage specialists.Christian Brothers Carpet Cleaning Company professionals specialize in the field of carpet cleaning services as they have been working in this field for past several years. In New York we make use of 100% non- toxic organic products to clean your delicate carpets.

Phone: 212-644-1407
Country: United States
Allied Facility Care
Address: 4099 McEwen Road, Suite 588

Allied Facility Care is a janitorial and mechanical services provider in Texas. The team of well-trained workers always maintains the quality of services which they render. Whether it is a large industrial place or small complex, floor cleaning or green cleaning, office cleaning or janitorial, Allied Facility Care offer services at every place. They have covered almost the whole Texas to provide their services. Their potential services make your place alive again. With the help of Allied Facility Care, you can be free from cleaning and maintaining your place.

Website: Website
Phone: 800-966-4312
Country: United States
Priority Carpet Cleaning
Address: 1918 Baltimore Ave
Cincinnati, Ohio
Carpet Cleaning Services in Greater Cincinnati and Kentucky

Priority Carpet Cleaning is Family owned and operated business. Our company has been established since 2015. Although we are a newer company, our team holds over a decade of professional carpet cleaning experience, IICRC certified and insured.

Our motto is to provide homes and businesses with quality services at a reasonable price. We take pride in every job we perform no matter how big or small, we make you a PRIORITY!

Our prices not only beat out our big competitors but our quality is comparable. For More Info check our Website.

Website: Website
Phone: 513-244-1432
Country: United States
Affordable Duct Cleaning
Address: 80 Ramah Cir South, Agawam
United States

A healthy and high quality indoor air is very primary to ensure a safe atmosphere in which we live and breathe.

A healthy and high quality indoor air is very primary to ensure a safe atmosphere in which we live and breathe. So, take sigh of relief when it comes to indoor air quality of your home or office by conducting duct cleaning through the professionals of Affordable Duct Cleaning. We are a NADCA certified company.

Phone: 4132467302
Business Fax: 4137892849
Country: United States
Clean Suggest
Address: 2753 Rainy Day Drive,
Clean Suggest provides the most informed reviews of vacuum cleaners for all tasks, ranging from those best for removing pet hair, to vacuums for cars, leaves, and swimming pools.

Clean Suggest provides the most informed reviews of vacuum cleaners for all tasks, ranging from those best for removing pet hair, to vacuums for cars, leaves, and swimming pools. With the content being updated regularly, the reviews are the most relevant and up-to-date available, so that you can rely on them to help in your buying decision.

Phone: 617-956-3324
Country: United States
Cleaner Steamer inc.
Address: 147-39 76th Ave, Queens, NY

Take it from the experts: the best way to clean a carpet is to avoid getting it dirty in the first place. Any good doctor will tell you that prevention is more effective than treatment. We want your carpets to be as clean as possible, so preventing spills and stains should always be your first priority.
Using a chemical cleaning treatment can be an effective way to attend to stains in between professional treatments. It’s important to spot test every agent you use, however, because carpets respond in different ways to each chemical solution. Apply a small amount in a corner of the room or under a piece of furniture.
You can treat the same area more than once if the first treatment wasn’t effective. If this second treatment doesn’t work, the stain likely will require professional attention. The machines that pros uses are more powerful and the cleaning products more powerful than those available to consumers.
At Cleaner Steamer, we don’t clean carpets, rug & upholstery – we transform them. Our trained technicians revitalize your carpets, bringing them back to that clean, fresh appearance and feel they had the day they were installed.
Steam Cleaning. Hot steam and a cleaning solution are sprayed on the carpet, killing dust mites and fungi. This process is especially helpful if your family has been experiencing allergies or asthma.

Phone: 866-252-1611
Country: United States
Carpet Cleaning Coventry
Address: 4242 Parkway Street, Coventry, 02816
Our Carpet cleaning has three focus Discover, Create and Experience.We have a full-service firm which contribute all the sight of Carpet cleaning dservice such as residential, commercial or one-off unique projects in Coventry different cities.We have more than 20 years of combined experience and we can do all for you. We are eager to begin your work.We know that every cleaning creates a true story.

Our Carpet cleaning has three focus Discover, Create and Experience.We have a full-service firm which contribute all the sight of Carpet cleaning dservice such as residential, commercial or one-off unique projects in Coventry different cities.We have more than 20 years of combined experience and we can do all for you. We are eager to begin your work.We know that every cleaning creates a true story. It can be a story of a culture, a time, a story of period and memories. Carpet Cleaning Coventry is always preparing to go an extra mile for you by many revisions in cleaning and any planning

Phone: 07602716882
Business Fax: Carpet Cleaning Coventry
Country: United Kingdom
Manhattan Upholstery Cleaning
Address: 2 6th Ave,
New York

We understand that every successful business is built on happy customers. Our professional approach and highly-skilled staff has earned us a solid and loyal customer base. We’ve satisfied thousands of customers throughout Manhattan with trusted residential and commercial carpet and furniture cleaning and repair services.
Our many years of experience and knowledge allow us to handle spots, stains, odors and tears of all kinds. We clean and repair these problems quickly, efficiently and courteously. Our commitment to meeting the highest standards comes with a total-satisfaction guarantee for our work. Whether your space is residential or commercial we take pride in our high-quality results.
Daily use can turn chairs and sofas into breeding grounds for stains, dust, dirt and allergens. Without proper care, your furniture will begin to deteriorate in appearance and comfort. Even worse, shabby furniture will literally begin to fall apart at the seams. Our highly-trained, specially-equipped furniture cleaning experts in Manhattan won’t let that happen to you.
We offer Manhattan full-service upholstery cleaning that brings back the good looks and comfort of even heavily-used furniture. We know you care about the condition of your furniture, so we’re committed to giving it the best of care.

Phone: 212-380-1687
Country: United States
Zoya zain cleaning services
Address: 855 S. 3rd St. San Jose, California, 95112
Our aim is to provide comprehensive, high quality, reliable cleaning & fumigation services to residential, commercial, corporate & industrial sectors.

Our aim is to provide comprehensive, high quality, reliable cleaning & fumigation services to residential, commercial, corporate & industrial sectors.
Our main cleaning services includes: Sofa, Carpet, Floor, Deep House Cleaning, Building Cleaning, Car Interior, Mattress, Chair & More

Phone: 4086070099
Country: United States
Manhattan Carpet
Address: 185 W Broadway, New York, NY

Carpet cleaning is something that is best left to professionals if you want the best possible results. At Manhattan Carpet Co. we strive to offer professional clean-ups by never compromising on quality.
If you are looking for a consistent carpet cleaning service in New York, trust us with your carpet and you will soon be glad you did.
We understand just how important it is for the entire family to maintain a healthy and clean home. Whether you have young children, you own pets or just need a thorough cleaning of your home, carpet cleaning is a good place to start.
At Manhattan Carpet Co. we strive to provide a healthier environment for your family by using the latest equipment and unique cleaning methods. Our service is a hassle-free one with minimum disruption and it is not harmful to children or pets, as we only use safe, non-toxic treatments for your carpets. Moreover, all our services come with a guarantee for your peace of mind.

Phone: 212-810-2183
Country: United States
Heros CarpetClean Luton
Address: 1 Rotherfield, Luton

As a preferred carpet cleaner in the local community, Heros CarpetClean Luton prides its self on being the best carpet cleaning company in Luton. The company offers a range of cleaning services for carpets, rugs and upholstery. The process of cleaning a carpet is simple yet advance at the same time and depends on the experience of the carpet cleaning company. Experts will first use a vacuum with the hose attachment and with a rubber bristle brush to knock the hair towards the vacuum and suck up the bulk of it. The second step of the cleaning process is pretreatment by applying a cleaning agent with a pH of ten and a booster to help cut through all of this grease. Once the pretreatment of the entire sofa, carpet or rug is done, staff will use a handheld drill or carpet agitator with my brush attachment to agitate the fibres of the sofa, upholstery carpet or rug! When done with the agitation of the entire sofa, carpet or rug operators will allow the pretreatment to dwell for 30 minutes and then the carpet
cleaning staff will get started with the hot water extraction. Seeing the carpet or upholstery go from filthy to clean is super satisfying and then a clear up water tool which cleans and extracts the water is used. The hand tool or carpet cleaning wand will inject high PSI water into the fibres, sucking out the dirty wastewater and also drying at the same time. After this is used, carpet or sofa air movers are used to aid drying, giving the customer a nice new, fluffy and clean dry carpet gain, ready to use at their home or business. clients can save thousands having their carpets cleaned by a professional like Heros CarpetClean Luton. Maintaining a carpet with regular cleaning will remove harmful grit, sand, dust, dust mites, dirt, soil and grime. All of this, left uncleaned, will act like sandpaper to grind against the carpet or chair fibres, wearing them down to become more translucent and therefore more damaged. This damage attracts even more dirt, which turns into a vicious circle!

Phone: 01582 935110
Country: United Kingdom
Suffolk Carpet Cleaners
Address: 4030 Sunrise Hwy, Oakdale, NY

At Suffolk Carpet Cleaners, we take pride in our high standards and professional, experienced staff. We work with you 100% of the journey to ensure your complete satisfaction with our carpet cleaning, rug cleaning and upholstery cleaning services.
Suffolk Carpet Cleaners offers professional cleaning services to our fellow neighbors all over Long Island, nassau and suffolk county Area. Our friendly customer service representatives help you design custom cleaning services that suit all your needs and leave you with a beautiful, clean and refreshed home.
Our trained technicians come backed with years of experience and industry training. Throughout all our cleaning services, we treat your home with the care and respect it deserves.
At Suffolk Carpet Cleaners, we joined the new green revolution by refusing to use traditional, chemical-based cleaning products. We proudly use only certified green, non-toxic products to clean your entire home.

Phone: 631-771-3232
Country: United States
Dr. Clean
Address: 711 SW Cambridge Ave unit b
Topeka, KS

Dr. Clean has the prescription for a clean carpet. We also clean upholstery, tile and grout, air ducts. We can also help you with carpet repair, spot removal, and carpet stretching. If you are looking for emergency water extraction, we have you covered there as well. When looking for the best carpet cleaning company in Topeka, Kansas, and surrounding areas, you have found us. Check out our reviews. Top commercial and residential carpet cleaning in Topeka and Lawrence. We make house calls!

Phone: 785-840-4266
Country: United States
Chore Butler
Address: 21422 Santa Clara Dr, Katy, TX 77450, United States
Chore Butler is a team of tech wizards, personal assistants, chefs, housekeepers, maids, butlers, and house cleaners in the Houston area dedicated to providing easy solutions for all your household and commercial tasks. We are a one-stop-shop providing you with solutions for all your household and commercial requirements.

Chore Butler assists you with professional residential cleaning services throughout Houston, TX that refreshes your house with a clean environment.

Phone: 7132345595
Country: United States
Oriental Rug Care
Address: 144 Washington St, New York, NY

Oriental Rug Care is your ultimate destination if you are looking for an expert professional Oriental rug cleaning service provider. We take great care of your treasured Oriental rugs which often have your sentimental values attached to them. Our technicians understand what works best for a particular type and design of Oriental rug.
Our customers in New York know that we believe in creating long term relationships by creating unforgettable customer experiences. Our cleaning technology is one of the finest and at the same time, our rates are the lowest in the market.
Oriental Rug Care offers a range of Oriental rug cleaning services to its customers in New York using the best available organic cleaning compounds.
We do not employ strong chemicals as cleaning agents for your soft and delicate Oriental rugs because we know that they remove natural oils from the rugs making them brittle and affecting their durability.

Phone: 800-334-1539
Country: United States
Fresh Upholstery Cleaning
Address: 33 Liberty St, New York, NY

At Fresh Upholstery Cleaning, we provide top-quality upholstery cleaning for your furniture. No matter the piece or material, we handle your furniture with tender care and attention while giving it a thorough clean. We work throughout New York.
Trust Fresh Upholstery Cleaning to give you the clean you need. Our professional service and attention to detail sets us apart from our competitors.
Fresh Upholstery Cleaning specializes in expert upholstery cleaning treatments. We work to keep all your furniture clean and looking great.
Throughout our treatments, our highly-trained technicians use experience and careful attention to provide the best possible clean.
We clean all upholstered furniture including sofas, sectionals, arm chairs, love seats, ottomans, chaise lounges and, even, slipcovers. Our technicians gently treat all upholstery fabrics individually. No matter the fabric or extent of the problem, trust us to give you a long-lasting, complete clean.

Phone: 888-232-6418
Country: United States