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Denver Upper Cervical Chiropractic
400 S Colorado Blvd #430
Denver, CO
Denver Upper Cervical Chiropractic

Chiropractor in Denver Colorado

United States
Divine Alignment Chiropractic Laurie Klein
3661 Grand Ave #104, Oakland, CA
Holistic, results-driven chiropractic care tailored to your individual needs for ultimate health, healing, and wellness.

Dr. Klein provides an integrative approach to wellness by combining chiropractic care with therapeutic massage and yoga, functional exercise, postural correction, and neurologic assessment, training and fitness with Zhealth protocols.

Some Details About Dr. Klein:
–Injury specialist
–Has relieved and even cured some of the most difficult injuries
–Many Five-Star Reviews on Google and Yelp
–Treatments include chiropractic, therapeutic yoga, massage, wellness education
–keeps active enthusiasts healthy and feeling great
–target snowboarders to stay strong, flexible and injury free
–Welcomes the Burning Man community
–Welcomes the LGBT community in a safe, affirming, family space
–Laurie as a person–Mountain biker, Hiker, Cyclist, Yoga Teacher. She lives a high vitality life and can help you do the same.
“As a structural specialist and health care practitioner, injury management for clients has always been a strong focus. I invite you to visit my beautiful office, Laurie Klein Divine Align, located in Oakland, California.”

Dr. Laurie Klein

(510) 499-8979
United States
Charlton Chiropractic Redbank
Shop 6/59 Brisbane Rd

Dr Michael is very passionate Chiropractor. He has experienced phenomenal results.

Dr Michael is very passionate Chiropractor. He has experienced phenomenal results and witnessed many lives change because of chiropractic care. He utilises many different techniques, which allows him to tailor the care for each person. He is most excited about his post graduate training in spinal corrective care via chiropractic biophysics and impulse IQ because of the life changing results he has seen in his own practice. He provides care to all sorts of patients and conditions – we also have many ways we can help people. His passion is posture, the shape of your spine and how it impacts your nervous system and your overall health. We are one of only a handful of clinics in Queensland that provide Chiropractic BioPhysics® treatment with in office rehabilitation to rehabilitate the shape of your spine toward normal.

(07) 3483 0485
Gemini Chiropractic and Rehab
1841 Rousseau Street,
New Orleans, LA,

At Gemini Chiropractic and Rehab, our mission is to provide the city of New Orleans with the very best in quality and effective evidence based chiropractic care, so our patients can live their lives free of pain.
Whether you have suffered a sports injury, were involved in an auto accident, or simply woke up with a stiff neck, the doctors at Gemini Chiropractic and Rehab will get you back to living your life!

Dynamic Chiropractic
9812 North 7th Street.
Phoenix, AZ 85020

Dynamic Chiropractic is a full service chiropractic clinic located in North Phoenix, Arizona. As a Phoenix chiropractor, we offer the best in compassionate chiropractic care, including spinal manipulation, massage therapy, physical medicine modalities & therapeutic procedures, acupuncture and x-ray services. We provide our patients the latest equipment, including decompression traction, chiropractic techniques, herbal supplements and other products to help strengthen and increase your flexibility.

(602) 870-1876
(602) 997-2291