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New York Electrician
Address: 29 Norman Ave
Brooklyn, NY

We are a licensed and insured electrical company.

We are a licensed and insured electrical company.
Our company provides all electrical and to residential and commercial customers including:
Breaker panels: Cutler Hammer, Square D, General Electric, Leviton. We replace Federal Pacific breaker panels
Grounding and bonding
Smart switches ( Lutron, Brilliant, Leviton, Noon. etc)
Lighting Fixtures, track lights
Ceiling Fans
Power for appliances such as washer, dryer, hvac, baseboard heaters etc
Installation and replacement of new electrical panels (outlets , dimmers , switches ..)
Car charger Tesla, BMW etc

Phone: 347-998-2496
Country: United States
Asset Electric Corp
Address: 310 Nassau Ave Unit 202
Brooklyn, NY


Asset Electric Corp is a Residential, Commercial, and Industrial. NYC-licensed Electrical Company bonded and fully insured. We are located in Greenpoint , Brooklyn, and we serve the Five Boroughs of New York City with high quality electrical services.

Asset Electric is new electric company, result of cooperation Founder/CEO Ilya Ilin and his partners. Our list of customers includes general contractors, architects, interior designers, business owners, and home owners, celebrities. Every project is inspected by the Founder/CEO, Ilya Ilin, who has more than 17 years of experience in the field. Our team is dedicated and very professional.We are oriented on quality over quantity.

Phone: (929) 340-1108
Country: United States
New Age Roofers Plano
Address: 2112 Daybreak Trail
Plano, TX

New Age Roofers Plano

Our staff can make little roof repairs, fix significant problems, and put in new goods for a single or many buildings. We provide roof review to ascertain the protection of your roof. In addition, we provide doors and carry out preventative maintenance tests. Our siding repair team can mend storm or hail damage, problems with aging, and replace substances. We believe in supplying high quality work with durable materials. Experience our amazing customer service using a call to our office.

Phone: 469-423-8511
Country: United States
Detroit Heating and Cooling Company
Address: 2471 Ewald Cir Apt 101
Detroit, MI


If you are looking for the ultimate solution for your HVAC system then you are in the right place. We are one of the finest HVAC companies in Metro Detroit that provide class-leading services related to your air conditioning system, heaters, boilers, dehumidifiers, duct system, air and water purification and many more. We are always focused on providing the best service to all our customer and we are available 24*7*365 for any emergency needs related to your hvac system. We are a trusted name in the field of heating and air conditioner repair, maintenance and installation. We always keep the demand of our clients first and try to provide them with the best solution after understanding their requirements.

Phone: (313) 488-2188
Country: United States
The Oakland Fence Company
Address: 1423 Broadway street # 156, Oakland, CA

The Oakland Fence Company is a homegrown fence building company specializing in all things fences and beyond. This is our about us page. We offer fence installation services, as well as installation of guard rails, cages, enclosures, dock parts, hand railing, and many more.
Throughout the many years that we have been in the industry, we have succeeded in giving our clients the fences they need. Over these years, we have made our name in delivering quality fence work.
We are a fence company in Oakland offering several fence options for residential, commercial, agricultural, and even industrial contexts. Our mission is to bring our clients’ vision of their properties into reality.
For over two decades, we have guided our clients from selecting fence materials, to planning, and even repair and maintenance as the need arose. We have provided services guided by our company expertise and professional collaboration.
Up to the present day, we still strive to deliver our commitment of providing you with high quality and great value fences for your every need and setting.
We install all types of fences and we offer several materials to choose from. Despite being updated with modern tools and equipment, we still offer classic and traditional fence options like wood and chain link. Meanwhile, we also make sure that the best steel, aluminum, vinyl, and SimTek are available for your choosing as well.
As one of the young fence builders in Oakland during the turn of the century in 1999, we have come a long way from our early humble beginnings. We started by offering only limited materials and handled average-sized projects as our capabilities and machineries were limited.
Fast forward twenty-one years later, we are now one of the known reputable names in the Oakland fencing scene. Yet, we always look back to how we started small.
We are humbled and elated by the trust our patrons have placed in us over the years. This has become our motivation and inspiration in continuing the work we do. The experience we have incurred from all these years and the feedback we receive from our clients helped us improve our services, such that as the years went by, our services only get better.
One of our principles in doing our business is engaging in collaborative partnership. To us, our clients are more than just customers who pay us for our services. For the Oakland Fence Company, each project is a team effort, and that team include our crew and even the property owner. Under this collaborative partnership, we have opened our communication with our clients to make sure that they understand the processes of their project.
In our line of work, we live by very simple yet very important principles. First, we value the safety of our working space, for our clients, our crew and even the public. Second, we never skimp on quality. Hence, we only source our materials from the most trusted names in our area. Third, we deliver our work with integrity because we want to make sure that your best interests are served.
For fence installation in Oakland, or if you want to know more about us call us at 510-945-1192.

Phone: 510-945-1192
Country: United States
The Baton Rouge Fence Company
Address: 1765 O’Neal Ln # 258, Baton Rouge, LA
Fence Contractor

Being a trusted fence company in Baton Rouge, we aim to provide the finest fences to ensure the safety of all kinds of properties. In these tough times, we recognize the importance of having trustworthy fences that the clients can rely on. Therefore, we made it our goal to produce top-notch and quality products. We have a wide variety of products available; you can call us at 225-425-7804 for more information.

Baton Rouge Fencing Company began from humble beginnings. We started out as a family business with pure intentions of making sure that property owners are safe and secured. This fence company was established in 2001, at a time when terrorist attacks caused fear and panic to most. At that time, property owners were scrambling to ensure their safety by installing fences. Fence suppliers were very limited at that time, and we knew that it was something that the public needs. Behold, the company was born. Through almost 2 decades we were able to master fence-making which helped us further improve what we can offer. Our entry into the fencing industry began the tightening competition which is beneficial for the clients. Aside from having more choices, property owners also enjoy better competitive prices.

Up to this day, the competition among fence builders in Baton Rouge remains stiff which can be certainly challenging and stressful. But instead of rivalry, we choose to see it as friendly competition that motivates us to continue improving our company and our products. It is a constant reminder to continue aiming for greater heights to keep the company in tip top shape. The competition pushes us to go further and higher than where we originally intend to, which of course is far better.

While our products are guaranteed to be the best, we also see to it that our services are not far behind. Fence installation requires excellent service to ensure the complete satisfaction of the clients. As much as we can, we try to make the installation, as well as our other services, to be as efficient as possible. We work hard in studying the processes to make sure that we get to have the best results without having to waste any precious time.

As Baton Rouge Fence Company, we don’t just intend to give the best quality products and services, but we also want to make a lasting impact. In order for us to do that, we make sure that the company remains to be as sustainable as possible. We see to it to use materials and machines which are environment-friendly and with minimal impact in the environment. Being in the business since 2001, we know that fence companies such as us can greatly damage the environment, unless properly addressed. As much as we urge other companies to do so, it must begin with us. We lead by example so that other fence companies may hopefully follow. After all, we all exist because of the environment and we have to give it back to mother nature.

Phone: 225-425-7804
Country: United States
Liquid Logistics
Address: 13765 W. Auto Dr. Suite 124, Goodyear, Arizona
Commercial Draft Beer System Installation

Our team of experts specializes in all aspects of commercial draft beer system installation. Whether your business requires a multi-tap sophisticated remote system or a smaller direct draw draft beer system, the skilled technicians at Liquid Logistics in Arizona can provide you with the perfect custom draft system to meet your requirements. Our expertise extends beyond beer, we design and install any type of draft system you’re looking for.

Services: Custom Draft systems, WINE ON TAP, cocktails on tap, Kombucha on Tap



Phone: 602-618-1435
Country: United States
Liquid Logistics
Address: 12300 Wirth Drive, Unit C, Manchaca, TX 78652

Our team of experts specializes in all aspects of commercial draft beer system installation. Whether your business requires a multi-tap sophisticated remote system or a smaller direct draw draft beer system, the skilled technicians at Liquid Logistics in Texas can provide you with the perfect custom draft system to meet your requirements. Our expertise extends beyond beer, we design and install any type of draft system you’re looking for.

Services: Custom Draft Systems, WINE ON TAP, Cocktails on Tap, Kombucha on Tap



Phone: 512-987-8096
Country: United States
Townhouse Renovation Contractor
Address: 17-23 E Broadway, Suite 311
New York, NY


Despite the great number of companies in the city of New York that tend to offer townhouse renovation services, choosing the right company is not that easy.

As a construction company, Grandeur Hills Group has been operating in the New York construction market for a lot of years. Over these years, we have successfully completed a great number of small and large facilities, including townhouse renovation.

Currently, the company’s staff includes talented, qualified, and highly skilled workers with extensive experience, thanks to whom any renovation is sure to be done efficiently and quickly.

Phone: (646) 693-2036
Country: United States
Kitchen Remodeling NYC
Address: 149 Avenue C, Suite 1B
New York, NY

Remodeling your kitchen is the most effective way not only to refresh its appearance, but also to make it welcoming, comfortable, warm, and cozy.

Remodeling your kitchen is the most effective way not only to refresh its appearance, but also to make it welcoming, comfortable, warm, and cozy.

People tend to spend a considerable amount of time in their kitchens. Relaxing, eating, cooking, entertaining guests, and discussing various problems with family at the dining table – this is just a small part of the things we ordinarily associate with the kitchen.

It goes without saying that the kitchen in any home is one of the most frequently visited places.

Phone: (646) 647-8591
Country: United States
Contractor Construction NYC
Address: 5 Eldridge St, Suite 1D
New York, NY


Grandeur Hills Group, headquartered in New Your City, NY, is always ready to help you with planning. Thanks to our talented employees, you receive a competent work plan that is certain to make your construction fast, efficient and economical.

Any construction is a large complex of various works, consisting of lots of stages, starting from creating the project of a building and ending with commissioning it. However, the importance of these works is different.

The most important stages are rightly considered the first because, at these stages, a project of the future facility is planned and created and any mistakes will inevitably affect all subsequent stages.

The first stage ordinarily includes planning, during which all details of the forthcoming construction are taken into account. Below are briefly described the main issues that designers and architects most often encounter.

Phone: (646) 693-0047
Country: United States
General Contractor NYC
Address: 99 Spring St, Suite 2B
New York, NY


The company, founded in 2010, has gone a long way, successfully completing hundreds of large and small construction projects in the city of New York and earning the trust of a great number of customers with its reliability and impeccable quality.

The dizzying success of the company is based on the use of innovative technologies, contemporary, safe, and durable materials, an individual approach to each customer, as well as originality, based on the high creativity of the company’s outstanding designers and architects.

Phone: (646) 693 2282
Country: United States
Kitchen Renovation NYC
Address: 184 Fifth Ave, Suite 704
New York


It is well-known that kitchen look greatly affects our behavior and mood, while kitchen furniture arrangement greatly affects the comfort, convenience and speed of cooking.

When we are going to change something in our kitchen, we usually start thinking about renovation. However renovation is known to be an expensive, complicated, and time-consuming way.

There is an easier solution to this problem – the so-called remodeling the kitchen.

Unlike renovation, remodeling does not take a lot of your time, effort, and money and you do not need to remove piles of garbage from your home however its efficiency is the same as that of renovation.

Phone: (646) 693-2422
Country: United States
General Contractor GHG
Address: 276 5th Ave #704
New York, NY

Any construction takes considerable time. However, in practice, this time is often severely limited by the contract.

Any construction takes considerable time. However, in practice, this time is often severely limited by the contract. Therefore, the builders face the task of not just completing the facility, but doing it on time.

It is obvious that the facility will serve you for a long time if it is built with high quality. So, professional equipment, high-quality and ECO-friendly materials from the best suppliers and manufacturers, as well as skilled and highly experienced labor are keys to solving this issue.

Planning is your priority, no matter whether you are going to build the facility on your own or with the help of a contractor. Naturally, only a professional team of specialists can plan all forthcoming work competently.

Grandeur Hills Group staff includes experienced designers and architects who are bound to help you plan all the work.

If you need high-quality planning contact Grandeur Hills Group managers and the work of our experts is certain to be greatly appreciated by you.

Phone: 212-880-5484
Country: United States
Home Renovation NYC
Address: 156 William St, Suite 410
New York, NY

Home renovation is one of the most demanded services ordered by residents of the city of New York. Renovation ordinarily includes minor works, thanks to which you can significantly change your home look, replace defective equipment, and restore faulty engineering communications functions.

Home renovation is one of the most demanded services ordered by residents of the city of New York. Renovation ordinarily includes minor works, thanks to which you can significantly change your home look, replace defective equipment, and restore faulty engineering communications functions.
However, sometimes people want to radically change their home look just because their home has ceased to meet the needs and wishes of their owners. In this case, apartment renovation is also used.
So, renovation should be understood as a broad and complicated concept. It is impossible to renovate a home in a proper manner on your own without the appropriate experience, special knowledge, and professional construction equipment.
The greatest way out is to contact construction companies that may be able to renovate your home quickly and efficiently.

Phone: 646-693-0283
Country: United States
Montgomery Fence Company
Address: 7806 Vaughn Rd #1041,
Montgomery, AL

We have been sharing our expertise in fencing installation for more than 22 years. Read this page to know about us. We are one of the best fence companies in Montgomery. We believe that fencing is one of the important aspects when it comes to protecting property.
For 22 years, we have prioritized our customer’s satisfaction so we make sure to deliver top-quality fence materials and fencing installation services. Along with it, we ensure that customers will get professional services and the best value of our company.
For two decades, we have equipped ourselves with our three core values, which made us successful up to this day.
Quality Work
For more than two decades, it is our primary priority to deliver to our clients only the best. We always make sure that we provide the topmost, high-quality fencing materials, and installation services.
Our team of highly skilled and experienced professional fence installers can expertly and cost-efficiently install quality fencing solutions, ensuring a worry-free client throughout the installation process.
Excellent Customer Service
The product of our excellent service can be read in the positive reviews of our clients and the endless list of our happy consumers. This is one of the major plus point about us.
And to maintain this reputation, we make sure that our service and client management does not end when the project is done.
We always make sure to follow up with our clients and check if they are satisfied with our services. We make sure that we provide them back support, in case they need our expertise in their fencing projects.
Innovative Solutions
Our 22 years in the industry is a living testimony of our success in fencing installation. Through our innovative and client-oriented solutions, we have given our clients only the best fencing installation project, suitable to their needs and within their budget.
We, at Montgomery Fence Company, are proud of our 22 long years in the market. We look forward to working with you and being part of creating beautiful fencing installation projects to enhance your home and make your house a better place to stay.
So, if you’re ready, we are just a phone call away. Contact us at 334-292-3472 and get a free estimate today!

Phone: 334-292-3472
Country: United States
Apartment Renovation NYC
Address: 435 Hudson St, Suite 514
New York, NY
General contractor NYC, apartment renovation NYC, townhouse renovation contractor, home renovation NYC,

Does your home need a good renovation? Are you dreaming of a beautiful and reliable new house? Has the interior design of your home rooms ceased to satisfy your desires, tastes, and needs? Are you short on money to radically change the look of your home and looking for good alternative solutions?

The New York construction company Grandeur Hills Group can be a good solution to all your problems! We offer you the best services you cannot do without! Just rely on our reliable and friendly team and take up your other things. Along with us, you are bound to get what you need!

Phone: 646-693-2242
Country: United States
Concrete Prescott
Address: 333 W Leroux St Unit F3
Prescott, AZ

When it comes time to choose a concrete contractor, you should trust that the team at Concrete Prescott will go above and beyond to make sure your project is executed with professionalism.

For more than 15 years, our team has been gathering experience that has allowed us to see potential issues in the future and mitigate those problems accordingly. When a customer is in need of a quality concrete contractor, they trust our team because of the many five star reviews we have. It is no secret that we have many repeat customers. Give our team a call today!

Phone: 928-248-1542
Country: United States
Alive Contracting Inc.
Address: 798 Tiswilde Rd, Victoria, BC, V9C 4E8

V9C 4E8
“Renovations Victoria BC, general contractors Victoria BC, contractors Victoria BC, renovation contractor, construction companies Victoria BC, bathroom renovations Victoria BC, kitchen renovations Victoria BC, Kitchen Cabinets Victoria BC

Business – Alive Contracting Inc.
Street Address – 798 Tiswilde Rd
City – Victoria
Province – BC
Zip Code – V9C 4E8
Phone – (250) 744-7760
Website –
Email –
“If you live in Victoria BC and Bathroom or kitchen renovations are in your mind then Leo Campos and his team is just a phone call away to make your dreams into reality. With 20+ years of experience, Leo and Alive Contracting Inc have established a solid foundation of proven customer satisfaction through delivering quality, custom-built luxury residential and commercial renovations throughout British Columbia. Call Leo today at (250) 744-7760 to discuss your project.
Hours – Monday to Saturday: 8AM to 6PM
Sunday: Closed

Phone: (250) 744-7760
Country: Canada
Wheeling Construction, Inc.
Address: 6048 W Berenice Ave, Chicago, Illinois

Chicago Home Remodeling Company
Our family owned business uses the latest technology and quality materials to ensure our customers the best in class craftsmanship. We are trusted by homeowners, architects and also General Contractors for almost a decade. Reliable, professional company that provides excellent service with a reasonable prices. We serve Chicago and suburbs areas. Wheeling Construction Inc specializes in roofing (residential and commercial), siding, windows, gutters, carpentry, masonry. We are experienced in home addition, interior remodeling as well as new construction custom homes. Call (773) 620-1315 today!

Business Email :

Phone: (773) 620-1315
Country: United States