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Frontida BioPharm, Inc.
Address: 1100 Orthodox St,Philadelphia, PA

Frontida is focused on supplying oral pharmaceuticals to the US market. Leaders in fluid bed processes, solvents handling, controlled release product manufacturing, DEA-licensed, HPAI processing, and serialization-capable packaging. Our vision is to make a positive impact on the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries through our services. We aim to create a healthy, caring and dedicated work environment for our employees, so they can provide the highest quality healthcare products for patients. But we understand that the world is bigger than our four walls. That’s why we make it our duty to contribute to our community as individuals and as a corporation, and keep our community in mind in everything we do.

Phone: 215-288-6500
Country: United States
Address: 1595 Grand Ave, Baldwin, NY 11510, USA
Our medical billing company notably develops revenue, while providing best quality services. It’s amongst one of the top ranked medical billing companies in USA.

Our company has billed for more than 100+ practices in 22 states. Our medical billing expert team works with providers nationwide to decrease stress of the billing and, more important, to increase cash flow. Our management team collectively has more than five decades of experience in managing the revenue cycle of practices from different specialties.

Website: SybridMD
Phone: 8883126847
Country: United States
Naveed khan
Address: 928 Broadway #401-AD23R
New York


Abundant Health was founded by Dr. Nidia Carrero and is an integrative practice specializing in chronic autoimmune diseases such as fibromyalgia, lyme disease, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s.

Our modalities include pain management, IV therapy and other natural protocols to naturally treat chronic pain and degenerative diseases. Dr. Carrero and her team have worked in the field of Pain Management for over 15 years and incorporate both conventional and holistic approaches in restoring health.

We specialize in the treatment of pain through the use of pharmacotherapy, interventional pain injections and alternative medicine. We know the goal of acute and chronic pain management is to minimize the pain our patients feel and if possible eliminate it.

Phone: 607-306-0096
Country: United States
Custom Results Corporate Consulting
Address: 101 W Big Beaver Rd #115, Troy, MI
Health Insurance Agency, Benefits Administrator

Our founder Diane Christensen, has more than 40 years in the insurance business. Her career started in a medical, dental, vision and disability claims office for a major insurance carrier. From the ground up she learned the basics of claims management, utilization and technology implementation. She managed a claims Technical Unit before moving into Agency Services as a Group Representative. Diane’s first agency was created in 1986 and sold to a major agency in 2000 at above market levels. Custom Results Corporate Consulting was born out of a desire to do things differently for the clients. The agency has achieved those goals and continues to be an innovator and trusted advisor for employee benefit solutions.

Phone: 248-572-1160
Country: United States
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Nembutal or Pentobarbital may have many names and brands, but they all lead to the same effect. Nembutal helps to relax and feel better. It is usually prescribed to people who suffer from seizures and can be used as anesthesia before surgeries. This medicine acts the same way as other barbiturates and slows down the brain’s activity, so it can also be used to treat insomnia. Another common use of Nembutal is treating epilepsy. It can be awkward to know you can have a seizure any minute. Fortunately, you can regain your self-confidence in a matter of days ordering cheap Nembutal online.

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Nembutal online pharmacy that delivers fast

Whether you live in the US, the UK, or any other part of the world, we will ship your order in several business days. Standard delivery will take up to 5 days to ship overseas, and express delivery will take a maximum of 3 days for long-distance shipments. Please note that shipping cost will depend on the overall weight of your package, and the delivery option you choose. Contact us to get an estimate.
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Whats-app/Tel: +1(630) 296-6885

Phone: 16302966885
Country: Germany
Personal Protective Products Supplier – Aumet
Address: 33, Kearny Street, Suite 401, San Francisco, California, United States

Aumet launched its platform in June 2015 to change the way medical manufacturers, distributors, and healthcare providers worldwide conduct business with each other. It automates assigning distributors to manufacturers, get the best prices and sell the products directly to healthcare providers. In October 2016 Aumet received funding from 500 Startups, and was incorporated in California, USA. In February 2017 French Tech Ticket nominated Aumet to the French government to extend their operations in Europe using France as a hub, and Aumet opened its subsidiary in France. Aumet has been connecting manufactures, distributors and healthcare providers since 2007, doing its business offline. It realized that the offline process is slow and inefficient, therefore it decided to redesign the traditional way of doing business, using online efficient technology to target medical manufacturers, sign exclusivity agreements and generate new inquiries from healthcare providers.

Phone: 33 971 076 530
Country: United States
Address: 1133 N Milwaukee Ave
Riverwoods IL


For CBD and Hemp Oils near you, visit Shop online to get nationwide shipping of our Natural Hemp Oil, CBD, Gummies, Edibles, Creams, Organics, Topicals and other non-THC cannabis products.

Phone: 847-947-8121
Country: United States
Address: 2430 S Broad St 1st floor,
Philadelphia, PA 19145
BroadZero is a leader in Medicare Part C plans and supplements. We provide the best zero plans, and Medicare Advantage Philadelphia has to offer

BroadZero helps retirees find the best zero-premium Medicare Advantage plans Philadelphia has to offer. We’re licensed independent insurance agents certified to sell a range of Medicare Part C plans and supplements from Humana, Cigna HealthSprings, Aetna Medicare, and Clover Health. We work for our clients, and the carriers pay our fees. It allows us to offer advice about many Medicare Advantage plans available in Philadelphia and New Jersey. We can provide our clients with medical, dental, vision, and prescription medication coverage. Our Medicare aero Advantage plans come from major carriers such as NJ PAAD, Keystone, and Community Health Plans. We work hard to help retirees find the plan that suits their needs best. We want to make it easier for people to understand the process of enrolling in Medicare Advantage. It’s why we represent many plans with multiple coverage options.
Among Philadelphia licensed insurance agencies, we’re known for Medicare Part C plans, supplements, and life insurance products. We know how to find the best health insurance coverage to fit any retiree’s needs. It’s a crowded marketplace, and many times making a decision is complicated. At BroadZero, we know how to simplify the Medicare health insurance marketplace for recipients. Because we work with many insurance companies every day, we know about every option, including the newest ones. Our mission is to keep our clients healthy, happy, and well served by their health care coverage. We want to be an independent Philadelphia insurance agency with the best Part C Medicare zero plans and Medicare supplements from all of the leading carriers.

Phone: 8446119376
Country: United States
Tarot Reading Hotline
Address: Serving
DeKalb, IL


During a psychic tarot reading, the reader lays the cards out in one of a number of different arrays, or spreads, depending on the question you ask and the way the tarot reader feels would be most revealing. The cards that appear and the order in which they are arrayed enable the tarot reader to shed light on your situation and answer your questions. Some of the things tarot readers consider in a spread include: Which cards appear next to each other, Whether cards appear right side up or upside down, Which side of the spread certain cards appear on, Whether the cards are major or minor arcana.

A tarot reading centers around a deck of cards with specific drawings and symbols. A tarot reader uses the cards to uncover patterns, energies, and trends that can help interpret your present situation and predict future occurrences.

Because they are so versatile, tarot card readings are appropriate for nearly any situation, and a phone tarot reading can be just as powerful as visiting a reader in person. One of the most popular types of psychic love readings is a love tarot reading, which focuses on questions of the heart.

Phone: 815-323-6430
Country: United States
Tarot Reading Hotline
Address: Serving
Urbana, IA


Spiritual psychics can tell you about the universal truths about you and your loved ones. Tap into the understanding with Psychics.

Spiritual psychics can provide a significant amount of insight about you and your loved ones. The knowledge and wisdom found within the spiritual realm can be accessed by the best psychics and talk to you about some of life’s truths in order for you to understand yourself and those around you more effectively.

There are many ways to tap into your spirituality – religious rituals, music, art, yoga, and other areas can help you to find peace and help you to cross over to the spiritual realm. Various aspects of spirituality cannot be explored on your own – and this is where you will want to rely on a spiritual psychic to provide you with assistance.

A psychic advisor can help you to see patterns within your personality, look at your history and your relationship and gain a better understanding as to who you are and what possibilities your future holds. If you are tired of living in the now and becoming stressed out about all of the things that are happening around you that you feel incapable of changing, tapping into the spiritual realm can ease your worries and reveal more truth about the situations to help you understand what needs to be done.

It is important to meet each reading with an open heart and an open mind. This will allow the gifted psychics to open the doors and make discoveries about you and for you. You will learn what makes you unique and what you can do in order to maximize your happiness and fulfill your life’s destiny.

When you are ready for your spiritual reading, you can call 319-844-7034.

Phone: 319-844-7034
Country: United States
Hassan Dental Test
Address: 156 W Portal Ave Ste C,
San Francisco

Dentist, smile, dental group, dentistry

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Phone: 415 456 2356
Country: United States
Psychic Guru
Address: Gilbert, AZ 85295

24 Hours

Payment Types:
All credit cards.

How do tarot readings work over the phone?

Because they are so versatile, tarot card readings are appropriate for nearly any situation, and a phone tarot reading can be just as powerful as visiting a reader in person. One of the most popular types of psychic love readings is a love tarot reading, which focuses on questions of the heart.

Tarot readings are among the most well known and popular types of psychic readings and clairvoyant readings. Tarot cards date back to 15th-century Europe, when they were mostly used for game playing. It was in the 18th and 19th centuries that psychic tarot readings for divination, or future telling, became popular.

A tarot reading centers around a deck of cards with specific drawings and symbols. A tarot reader uses the cards to uncover patterns, energies, and trends that can help interpret your present situation and predict future occurrences.

Phone: 623-999-1347
Country: United States
Call Psychic Now Albuquerque
Address: 1423 Richmond Dr NE
Albuquerque, NM

Call Psychic Now is dedicated to putting you in touch with a psychic advisor that can tell you more about what it is that you want to know about.

We are proud to boast some of the best psychics in the world on our network. We have love psychics, career psychics, and even pet psychics. We have mediums that are able to connect with those who have passed on as well as clairvoyants who can see into the future and tell you about your love, your work, and much more.

Our psychics specialize in love psychic reading, relationship psychic, tarot reading, tarot cards, psychic readings, online psychic reading, astrology, horoscopes, love advice, psychic advice, psychic chat online, Chinese astrology etc. Call now 505-209-7009.

Phone: 505-209-7009
Country: United States
Tarot Cards Reading Athens
Address: 2152 W Broad St
Athens, GA


More and more people are calling psychics because they want to know what life has in store for them and they want answers. Psychic of Milwaukee gives you the opportunity to connect with psychics, clairvoyants and mediums to get the answers you are looking for.
When you work with a psychic from Psychic of Milwaukee, you get a guarantee on your happiness. If you are not entirely happy with the ready that you recently purchased, your money will be refunded. This gives you the opportunity to call back and try a different reader to ensure you are entirely happy with the psychic reading that you are looking to get.
We are pleased to be able to offer the wide range of services that we do. This ensures you get the reading you want – either with runes, tarot cards, numerology, astrology, or simply a gifted psychic that can look into your past, present or future. You are always in control of how much you spend and you only get charged for the time you actually speak with an advisor. There are never any hidden fees or surprise charges. Call (706) 608-4891to get answers to all questions you have!

Phone: (706) 608-4891
Country: United States
George Fisher: Allstate Insurance
Address: 2372 Lakeview Dr
Beavercreek, OH

George Fisher: Allstate Insurance

Home, Auto, Life and Financial Services Business awards of Honor Ring 8 years, National Conference 2011, 2015 & 2018 and Circle of Champions in 2013, 2016 & 2017. Inner Circle Elite 2016.
Insurance agency
Auto insurance
Health insurance
Life insurance
Renter’s Insurance
Financial Services
Insurance company
Auto insurance.

Phone: 937-306-6188
Country: United States
Mark Sias Life & Medicare Agent
Address: 32128
We provide Medicare plans, life insurance and a wide variety of supplemental and short term health insurance benefits.

We are one of the leading insurance companies serving Port Orange, FL and the surrounding areas. We guide clients through the complex steps of all the different insurance options available, ensuring you get the best plan for your needs. Our numerous years of industry experience have allowed us to not only understand the ins and outs of insurance, but also to help protect hundreds of families with our services. By utilizing our life insurance, health insurance, and medicare supplements, we can help you protect your health and make sure your loved ones are taken care of. Other services include: Life Insurance Companies Port Orange, FL 32128 Medicare Supplemental Insurance Port Orange, FL 32128 Supplemental Health Insurance Port Orange, FL 32128 Annuities Port Orange, FL 32128 We offer quality insurance that’s affordable and make it easy for you to contact us over the phone or through our website – wherever and whenever you need. We understand the importance of building a solid foundation for the future and developing long-lasting client relationships. That’s why we’re committed to offering the same level of service we expect in our own business dealings. If you need cheap life insurance, medical insurance, and private health insurance, be sure to give us a call!–

Phone: 8104237659
Country: Afghanistan
Peel Dental Studio
Address: 150 Pinjarra Rd Mandurah WA 6210 Australia
A crown in your the teeth will undoubtedly help in restoring the harm of the tooth for instance chipped or shattered toothdecay.

Why is a normal check out up of your own teeth so significant? In the event you do not embark on a regular check up, your gums and teeth may be poor. Your professional dental practitioner will assess the overall oral pearly whites especially on damaged areas. Mandurah Dental office can get rid of tartar and any oral plaque that’s been develop on your whole tooth.
Check out this site for more details :-
Emergency: 040 799 3218
Mail id :
P O Box 209, Mandurah WA 6210
Domain Name:
Keyword/Categories Dentist and other related dental treatments
We are Available:- Mon-Fri(8:30 am – 5:30 pm)

Phone: 08 9535 4900
Business Fax: (08) 9535 5831
Country: Australia
Health Estimates
Address: 3333 Chicago Road
Steger, IL


We are Health Estimates, a trusted ally in group health and employee benefits. For nearly forty years, we’ve been assisting customers with their healthcare and employee benefits. We are active in community projects and in touch with the changing needs and concerns of today’s families and business owners.

Phone: (800) 324-1004
Country: United States
Health Estimates
Address: 3333 Chicago Rd
Highland, IN


We are Health Estimates, a trusted ally in group health and employee benefits. For nearly forty years, we’ve been assisting customers with their healthcare and employee benefits. We are active in community projects and in touch with the changing needs and concerns of today’s families and business owners.

Phone: 219-321-0009
Country: United States
Inshora Group Insurance
Address: 14090 Southwest Fwy Suite 220
Sugar Land, TX


At Inshora, we believe that our customers shouldn’t pay a penny more when it comes to their insurance. Therefore, we shop with multiple carriers to find the best solutions without compromising on coverage. We don’t just do this when you first switch your insurance to us, we do this year after year after year to maximize your savings. We want you to know that you will always get the best deals with us, year after year. Sit back, relax and let us take care of all your insurance needs. Home Insurance in Richmond, Rosenberg, Sugar land, Humble and Houston.

Phone: 713-943-9985
Country: United States