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CDPAP Program Queens
Address: 90-50 Sutphin Boulevard, suite 200, Jamaica, NY 11435

The Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) is an alternative to traditional home care services. It is a self-directed, Medicaid home care program available to eligible consumers who are in need of home care services and are capable of directing their own care.

Once your eligibility is determined as well as the hours of services needed, the next step will be to find a Personal Assistant (PA). The PA(s) can almost be anyone the consumer wants:

A neighbor, friend, aide or even a family member. The PA does not have to be HHA Certified.

A parent, Spouse, or designated representative cannot be a PA. It’s very important that a consumer is comfortable with the individuals and that they can be trained to provide the self-directed care necessary.

With the CDPAP program, consumers have more control over who provides their care and how it is provided. A Medicaid program, the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) provides an alternative way of receiving home care services. For traditional home care services the vendor, or agency, controls training and scheduling of aides. The “consumer” or the family member, friend or guardian directing care performs all these functions usually done by a vendor. Individuals eligible for consumer directed care include those suitable for services provided by a certified home health agency, a long-term home health care (waiver) program, AIDS home care program, or personal care (home attendant).

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Healsage Australia
Address: 2/29 Lawrence Drive,
Gold Coast, Queensland


Australian supplier of affordable fitness recovery devices based on the Gold Coast.

Wright Health Insurance Advisors
Address: 2310 Forum Blvd. #B
Columbia, MO
Wright Health Insurance Advisors

We provide Health Insurance solutions for individuals, small business owners and the self employed. We have solutions for not only individuals but small groups as well. What happens when I turn 65 years of age? We will teach you how medicare works and go over all your rights and options.
We offer:
Accident Expense Insurance
Accident Indemnity Insurance
Critical Illness Insurance
Cancer Insurance
Dental insurance
Hospital Indemnity Insurance
Limited Benefit Medical Insurance
Short Term Disability Insurance
Signature Gap Insurance
Wright Health Insurance Advisors

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Las Vegas Medicare Pros
Address: 3680 S Maryland Pkwy Suite 110
Las Vegas, NV

We are a network of Licensed and Certified Medicare Advisors. Our goal is to help Medicare Eligible(s) choose a Medicare Health Plan that meets their needs and goals. If you have your Medicare card or are about to turn 65, call us to schedule a no cost, no obligation consultation with on of our agents. We offer all Medicare Plan Options, so that you don’t have to shop around. Most of the plans we offer are no cost and may offer services like dental, vision and hearing. Talk to one of our local advisors today!

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Great Psychic Reading
Address: Schaumburg, IL

During a psychic tarot reading, the reader lays the cards out in one of a number of different arrays, or spreads, depending on the question you ask and the way the tarot reader feels would be most revealing. The cards that appear and the order in which they are arrayed enable the tarot reader to shed light on your situation and answer your questions. Some of the things tarot readers consider in a spread include: Which cards appear next to each other, Whether cards appear right side up or upside down, Which side of the spread certain cards appear on, Whether the cards are major or minor arcana.

A tarot reading centers around a deck of cards with specific drawings and symbols. A tarot reader uses the cards to uncover patterns, energies, and trends that can help interpret your present situation and predict future occurrences.

Because they are so versatile, tarot card readings are appropriate for nearly any situation, and a phone tarot reading can be just as powerful as visiting a reader in person. One of the most popular types of psychic love readings is a love tarot reading, which focuses on questions of the heart.

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Double Chin Removal
Address: 211 East 43rd Street, #1704-2A, New York, NY 10017

Unlike invasive fat reduction procedures like liposuction, there is no need to fast or otherwise prepare for a deoxycholic acid treatment. What you should do, however, is consult with us at Dr. Golberg Wellness & Functional Medicine to ensure you’re a good candidate for it. Aside from that, it’s recommended that you avoid ibuprofen and acetaminophen prior to undergoing the treatment, as those over-the-counter pain medications can increase the chances of bruising post-treatment.

The effects of a deoxycholic acid treatment take some time to develop, and the number of treatments you’ll need will depend upon your goals and the size of the submental fullness being treated. The initial results from your first treatment will start to become noticeable at around the four-week mark. It takes the body time to process the fat cells killed by the injections and remove them from the treated area. The upside of the wait is that it gives the skin time to adjust and mold itself around the new contours of the jawline.

After four weeks or so, you’ll be eligible for a second treatment. You can have up to six treatments, but they must be spaced out by at least one month. When you visit our office for your initial conversation, we’ll discuss your goals and come up with a treatment plan that includes the number of treatments you’ll need. In trials, 59% of people required the full course of six treatments to achieve their desired results.

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Kairos Insurance Group
Address: 474 Hardwood Place, Boca Raton, FL

ACA certified health plans, Medicare supplements, and health insurance for businesses.

Colorado Office:

1130 N Wahsatch Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Phone: 719-331-1832

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Sanitas Health Insurance Spain
Address: Calle Hoyo, 41
Torremolinos, Malaga

Our site is for selling private health insurance in Spain. The majority of the customers are british. They have to buy a private health insurance in order to apply for residency. We would like them to choose our insurance called “Sanitas Health Insurance Spain”

+34 633437344
House Calls Home Care
1878 Cross Bronx Expy
The Bronx, NY


HouseCalls Home Care works around your schedule to meet your needs. In addition to receiving Home Health Aide services, we can assist with getting approved nursing visits from your insurance company to help with the following services:

Monitor vital signs

Changing dressing for wounds

Administering medications, injections, or other treatments

G-tube feeding

Nurses will schedule visits with the client every 90 days.
Private Pay

Where you pay out of pocket for services not covered by your insurance company.

Private Pay you are in charge of how many hours, days, and time of service.

If you are unsure of how many hours or days make sense for your specific situation, or you have a loved one who is resistant to accepting help in his or her home, we offer a low-cost, in-home Assessment Session with a nurse, who will recommend the type of services and amount of care that are best for you.

(718) 731-9700
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Best Gastroenterology Doctors NYC
Address: BB, 51 E 25th St suite # 426
New York, NY


Mon-Fri 8 a.m – 5 p.m

All cc, cash, checks.

At Best Gastroenterology Doctors in New York City, our practice is designed to provide specialized care for patients using both sophisticated equipment and advanced medical procedures to diagnose and treat more complicated digestive disorders. Our NYC gastroenterology practice is committed to providing comprehensive care to meet all of your digestive health needs.

Gastroenterology is a specialty involved in preventing, diagnosing, and treating diseases of the luminal GI tract (esophagus, stomach, small intestine, colon and rectum) liver, gallbladder and pancreas.

The Best Gastroenterology Doctors performs complex diagnostic and therapeutic procedures to treat conditions such as abdominal pain, peptic ulcers, diarrhea, Crohn’s disease, hemorrhoids, rectal bleeding and celiac disease.

212 389-9916
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Healthcare Law Partners, LLCb
Address: 424 Church St,
Nashville, TN

When needing a Healthcare Attorney or Lawyer – Turn To Healthcare Law Partners, LLC for: Physician

When needing a Healthcare Attorney or Lawyer – Turn To Healthcare Law Partners, LLC for: Physician Employment Agreements; ACOs, MSOs, Health Plans, Leases, Timeshares, Construction Contracts; Operating Agreements, M&A, JVs; Licensing, Medical Staff Privileges, Labor & Employment; Compliance, Stark, False Claims Act, HIPAA, Patient Care Policies; Subpoenas, Depositions, Medical Malpractice Defense Workouts; Business Demand Letters, Disputes and Litigation.

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Comprehensive Medicare Solutions
Address: 11500 S Eastern Ave. suite 1506, Henderson, NV

Our group of experts will help you navigate through Medicare’s complicated world. Our job is to help find the right plan for you.

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Manual Therapy Associates
Address: 12001 W. 63rd. Place, Suite 5
Arvada, CO

Manual Therapy is a specialty within the field of physical therapy. It encompasses a broad group of sophisticated hands-on techniques performed by uniquely trained doctors of physical therapy.

M-F 7am – 5:30pm

Year in business:
20 Years

Social Media Links:

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Psychic Baltimore
Address: 8-10 South St, suite 11A
Baltimore, MD 21202

Psychics of Baltimore is dedicated to putting you in touch with a psychic advisor that can tell you more about what it is that you want to know about. Someone who is able to reach into a 6th sense can provide you with a lot of insight as to what is going on in your life.

Our psychics specialize in love psychic reading, relationship psychic, tarot reading, tarot cards, psychic readings, online psychic reading, astrology, horoscopes, love advice, psychic advice, psychic chat online, Chinese astrology etc.

When you work with a psychic from Psychics of Baltimore, you get a guarantee on your happiness. If you are not entirely happy with the ready that you recently purchased, your money will be refunded. This gives you the opportunity to call back and try a different reader to ensure you are entirely happy with the psychic reading that you are looking to get. Call now 410-844-3768 to get advice from the best psychic in Baltimore, MD

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Call Psychic Hotline
Address: Serving
Pueblo, CO

Stop wondering whether you are headed in the right direction and whether you are making the right decisions. Whether you are faced with uncertainty, you don’t know how to face a certain issue, or you want to know about what is in store for you, tarot reading is the answer.

Stop wondering whether you are headed in the right direction and whether you are making the right decisions. Whether you are faced with uncertainty, you don’t know how to face a certain issue, or you want to know about what is in store for you, tarot reading is the answer.

The best psychics in the world use tarot cards to provide insight. Ask one of our readers about what is on your mind and be prepared to receive help and guidance by what the cards reveal. You don’t have to visit a local fortune teller in order to learn what the future has in store for you. Simply pick up the phone and call a psychic advisor right now.

A phone tarot reading can be just as effective as one provided in person. The physical proximity to the psychic has nothing to do with the outcome of the reading. It is all a matter of feeling comfortable in your environment and forming a connection with the psychic. Due to the versatility of the cards, a tarot card reading can be used in almost any situation. The most popular includes a love tarot reading, which focuses on any questions that you have regarding the heart.

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Michael Dunbar Insurance
Address: 3445 N Causeway Blvd #313, Metairie, Louisiana
Michael Dunbar Insurance specializes in helping individuals

Michael Dunbar Insurance specializes in helping individuals, families & business owners with health insurance, life insurance, Medicare plans, and disability income benefits.

Address : 3445 N Causeway Blvd #313, Metairie, Louisiana, 70002, USA

Phone : (985) 607-4949

Business Email :

Website :

Categories: Health Insurance, Life Insurance

Mon – Fri – 9:00am-7:00pm ; Sat – 10:00am – 2:00pm ; Sunday – Closed

(985) 607-4949
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Address: PO Box 222133 Great Neck NY
Craig Smith is dedicated to helping the Senior Marketplace throughout the nation. With the aging of America, the Baby Boomers are looking for assistance with their Health Insurance and Financial needs. I take great pride in being that unbiased resource to accomplish their individualized needs.

Craig obtained his license in 2000 after watching friends and family battle a Medicare maze of finding the proper doctors, hospital, and drug plans. This led to Craig entering the field of Medicare to help seniors.

Craig Smith is dedicated to helping the Senior Marketplace throughout the nation. With the aging of America, the Baby Boomers are looking for assistance with their Health Insurance and Financial needs. I take great pride in being that unbiased resource to accomplish their individualized needs.

One of the major concerns a person has when they do retire or turn 65 is how to cover or cap their medical costs which can be catastrophic. That is exactly what Craig Smith will accomplish for you by finding the most comprehensive, suitable yet affordable plan tailored for you.

It is important to learn about the benefits you may be entitled to for your healthcare. Whether you are on Medicare or newly eligible to Medicare there are various options to choose from and each has specific features and benefits.

Do you know the difference between them?

Medicare Supplements
Medicare Advantage Part C plans
Prescription Part D plans
With hundreds of choices, this can be a very complex process for an individual to handle.

Craig Smith is YOUR SOLUTION!

Let us help you with your Medicare plan.
Our service is free and you will have the same, great coverage – just at the right price.
Our phone number is 917-740-1895

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Frontida BioPharm, Inc.
Address: 1100 Orthodox St,Philadelphia, PA

Frontida is focused on supplying oral pharmaceuticals to the US market. Leaders in fluid bed processes, solvents handling, controlled release product manufacturing, DEA-licensed, HPAI processing, and serialization-capable packaging. Our vision is to make a positive impact on the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries through our services. We aim to create a healthy, caring and dedicated work environment for our employees, so they can provide the highest quality healthcare products for patients. But we understand that the world is bigger than our four walls. That’s why we make it our duty to contribute to our community as individuals and as a corporation, and keep our community in mind in everything we do.

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Address: 1595 Grand Ave, Baldwin, NY 11510, USA
Our medical billing company notably develops revenue, while providing best quality services. It’s amongst one of the top ranked medical billing companies in USA.

Our company has billed for more than 100+ practices in 22 states. Our medical billing expert team works with providers nationwide to decrease stress of the billing and, more important, to increase cash flow. Our management team collectively has more than five decades of experience in managing the revenue cycle of practices from different specialties.

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Naveed khan
Address: 123 Main Street
New York



347 306-2342
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