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Origin Mushrooms
Origin Mushrooms is a Canadian mushroom dispensary.

Origin Mushrooms is a Canadian mushroom dispensary that sells Psilocybin Mushrooms, magic mushrooms & other kinds of mushrooms online. For Orders online visit our website or Call us now! 1 (819) 272-3284. Mushrooms are available at a reasonable price which can be used for both medical and recreational purposes.

Phone: 1 (819) 272-3284
Country: Canada
Trails Momentum
Address: 555 Sky Valley Camp Rd. Hendersonville, NC

Are you worried about your child? Is he/she suffering from any mental issue? Give Trails Momentum a chance to resolve all mental issues of your child. We provide Wilderness Therapy based transitional program which help them to develop new skills that will help you achieve success academically, in your relationships and other areas of life. Along the way, you will learn to engage with your environment, strengthen your sense of self, set goals for yourself, and be independent. For more information give us a call on (828) 457-8852 or you can visit our website.

Phone: (828) 457-8852
Country: United States
Trails Carolina
Address: 500 Winding Gap Road Lake Toxaway, NC

Is your child suffering from stress and anxiety? He/she just needs a Wilderness Therapy based programs. Trails Carolina provides Wilderness therapeutically programs which help them in building confidence, coping mechanisms, and communication skills to become the best version of themselves. This program can lead them to a renewed sense of self and a happier, healthier future brimming with opportunity. For booking just give us a call on (828) 469-0715 or visit our website.

Phone: (828) 469-0715
Country: United States
BlueFire Wilderness
Address: 1832 E 1750 S, Gooding, ID 83330, United States

Whatever problems a teen is suffering, BlueFire Wilderness Treatment Center can assist. One youngster may be battling trouble; another might be dealing with anxiety. Some might be experiencing as a result of trauma, while others just require some time to get their ideas together. Our professional team helps you to overcome a mental health issue with adventure-based wilderness therapy.

Phone: (208) 502-2734
Country: United States
blueFire PulsaR
Address: 1832 E 1750 S, Gooding, ID 83330, United States

Bluefire Pulsar Wilderness therapy provides adventure-based wilderness therapy for adolescent, who has struggled with mental illness and anxiety. In the wilderness therapy program, young adults have the chance to participate in fun activities within a healing, supportive environment that contributes to more comforts and healing services.

Phone: (208) 565-2764
Country: United States
Nature’s Finest Nutrition
Address: 7232 Lee Highway, Chattanooga, TN

After surviving brain cancer by replacing chemo with natural supplements our founder started Nature’s Finest Nutrition with one goal: to help others achieve the health he found in natural remedies. We’ve been helping people live their best lives since Jim beat cancer in 1978.

Phone: (423) 899-8422
Country: United States
Address: 2290 Dixie Road
Mississauga, Ontario

L4Y 1Z4

revibe is a 5,400 Sq Ft wellness centre located in Mississauga. With services such as Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Massage & Athletic Therapy, and more. We like to think of ourselves as an ecosystem of wellness, first and forever. We aim to teach, so that you’re not only leaving with a better performing body, but, most importantly, an understanding mind. Start your recovery process, strengthen mobility, and prevent future injury. Wellness starts now.

Phone: 1-905-783-8423
Country: Canada
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Country: United States
The Vive Hydration
Address: 3616 NE 2nd Ave Suite B
Miami, FL

The VIVE Hydration is a med spa located off of Northeast 2nd Avenue in Miami, Florida, offering specially formulated IV Therapy Infusion treatments for all of your health needs that deliver immediate results! Use Intravenous vitamin drip therapy and B12 injections, to infuse essential nutrients directly into your body. Refuel your body and feel like YOU again.

Phone: (786) 238-7735
Country: United States
Black Men’s Grooming LLC
Address: 3379 Peachtree Road NE (Buckhead) Suite 555
Men’s Wellness, SPA, and Grooming

Men’s Wellness, SPA, and Grooming

Phone: 404-924-4860
Country: United States
Self Truth Massage
Address: 13601 Preston Rd
Dallas, TX

Self-Truth Massage is a stress-free, yet still professional environment! No front desk person, no retail goals, no membership plans, not a lot of people walking around, just great massage and bodywork in a simple, therapeutic, comfortable space. I love the business of massage and the opportunity to serve and offer clients a great experience!

I have been able to help many people with a long list of ailments that caused chronic pain, anxiety, stress, and depression, get their lives back and feel better than they ever thought they could. No, seriously. Most of us don’t even know how good our bodies really can feel when given what they need and are taken care of properly.

If you are fed up with that frustrating pain that just won’t go away, come experience a natural way to eliminate chronic pain and stress for the long run. Let’s heal your body, maintain a state of wellness, and help you stretch and grow into your full potential.

Phone: 972-256-8479
Country: United States
Address: Jaihari Co-operative Housing
Society I Td. 22B, Vasantrao N.
Naik Marg, Opp_ Bhatia Hospital,
Tardeo, Mumbai – 400007
Mpower is a pioneer for Mental Healthcare in India, and aims to empower professionals, teachers, & families by creating awareness about mental health concerns & providing those in need with information, guidance, evaluation, intervention & counselling

Mpower is a pioneer for Mental Healthcare in India, and aims to empower professionals, teachers, & families by creating awareness about mental health concerns & providing those in need with information, guidance, evaluation, intervention & counselling
Our mission is to empower individuals and their families with mental health concerns by creating awareness and alleviating stigma; advocating prevention, fostering education, and providing world-class holistic services so that they may lead meaningful and productive lives with respect and dignity.
At Mpower, we proactively champion mental health causes, create awareness, advocate prevention and provide services through a holistic and multi-disciplinary approach.

Phone: 9702800044
Country: India
Club Rehab
Address: 2646 Center St Deer Park TX

AA Meetings at Club Rehab, Still Sober Group of Alcoholics Anonymous. AA meetings, sober events, activities. 12 Step Recovery, Support Group, and Community Center.

Phone: (281) 942-4930
Country: United States
Optimal Performance Training – Sports Performance, Fitness & Meditation
Address: 5640 E Main St. Suite A, Mesa, AZ

Optimal Performance Training is located in Mesa, Arizona. We provide personalized fitness training programs for athletes and people looking to better their health and wellness in one-on-one and in group settings. We firmly believe that all areas of life can be improved through your health and fitness, and OPT aims to be a catalyst for those goals to be accomplished. One of the biggest reasons we are successful as a company is that we are not just another gym, we are a family that supports one another inside and outside the walls of our studio. When clients commit to making a lifestyle change and start taking action, they will begin to transform their lives in ways they never thought possible. They start to evolve as individuals, they become happier, healthier, achieve more goals, develop confidence and ultimately become a better version of themselves. Since 2008 we have been a company that focuses on empowering others through our core values; action, love, and integrity. We seek to uncover the inherent greatness in everyone that walks through our doors. It’s not just physical performance and appearance in here; rather we dedicate our talents, education and experience to helping develop people both externally and internally, and when the two are combined, true transformation takes place.

Monday to Saturday: 6AM-8PM
Sunday: Closed

No of Employers:

Year Founded:

Social Media Links:

Phone: (480) 213-1210
Country: United States
Krishna Village
Address: 525 TYALGUM ROAD, EUNGELLA, NSW, Australia


We believe that yoga and the benefits of a simple, spiritual lifestyle should be available and affordable for everyone. If you are looking for a massage therapy courses that doesn’t cut any corners when it comes to the amenities and experience that’s to be enjoyed, we are the perfect choice for you. Here, you can learn all about yoga culture, find inner balance and learn to manage stress without spending out of the budget. We have lots of training programs so you can expand your horizon – whether that’s learning how to meditate, deepening your yoga practice or getting familiar with vegetarian food and leading a simpler, more fulfilled life.

For More Information Visit – https://krishnavillage-retreat.com/

Phone: 0266727876
Country: Australia
Address: 33139
BEST Memory Foam Pillow

Are you getting enough sleep at night? If not, At Elite Rest Neck pillows provide comfort and can help reduce neck, shoulder and torso pain. The good news is that neck pillow support is often the perfect solution. We recommend any of the pillows mentioned above.

Country: United States
Alpha House Sober Living
Alpha House offers sober residential housing for men

Alpha House of Jacksonville, FL. offers safe and structured residential sober living for men.

Website: Sober Living
Country: United States
Traveling Massage Therapy
Address: 515 Ballantyne Lane NE Spring Lake Park, MN 55432
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Traveling massage therapist. The focus is more on treating physical conditions but relaxation massage is also an option. It’s located in Spring Lake Park, MN but services a 35 mile radius.

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Phone: (763) 290-1563
Country: United States
EMF protection products
Address: P.O. Box 4470, Stateline, NV 89449
EMF Health Angel offers EMF protection products in US.

Quantum 360 LLC is the official full-service U.S. Branch for the Sensitiv Imago® Angels and Sensitiv Imago Complex devices and technologies. We offer EMF protection products. Our mission is to provide cutting edge, effective technologies to mitigate the effects of today’s electro-polluted environment. We hope to provide education and resources to protect yourself, your pets and even your plants from the dangers of Electromagnetic Fields.

Phone: (833) 536-6363
Country: United States
Buena Vista Recovery
Address: 29858 N Tatum Blvd, Cave Creek, Arizona, USA
Buena Vista Recovery is a rehabilitation facility and detox center located in Cave Creek, Arizona.

Buena Vista Recovery is an Inpatient Level 1 Facility that provides confidential, patient focused withdrawal, detoxification and counseling services for Substance Use Disorder. Our patients may also have secondary issues such as depression or other mental disorders. While Buena Vista Recovery primarily focuses on the substance abuse, we also address the needs of those presenting with co-occurring disorders. Outside referrals can be made for those with mental health issues that would benefit from treatment by a professional specializing in certain areas. It is our goal to work with other professionals to ensure maximum results for all issues surrounding a patient’s addiction.

Phone: 8009220095
Country: United States