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advocate directory is an endeavour to minimise and bridge the gap between lawyers and litigants.
We are building a community for lawyers and their welfare in India , However As per rules of Bar council of India , A lawyer cannot advertise through or solicit for work, We strictly follow and adhere with bar council rules and regulations.
So as a part of our vision for our legal fraternity and making a complete egalitarian platform for our brothers and sisters, a lawyer will get the same space as your fellow lawyer, we in no way or manner sell any space to bring a lawyer on top of our search results.
Any lawyer with a legally recognised and authorised degree can list him or herself as a lawyer at and he will be automatically shown in the search results.
We do not entertain any request for paid promotion of legal services by anybody or to bring any lawyer on top of our search results. Our search results are only affected by no. of verified reviews of clients and litigants of a particular lawyer, and a new user can toggle or sort through our search results, But we, In no way or manner sell or promote legal services or to bring a lawyer to the top of our results.

Rohini ,New Delhi