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Shipping Service to Kazakhstan
Address: 41 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY

The best shipping service from the USA to Kazakhstan. In the shortest possible time we will ship your order to the specified address.

Our clients always have free storage of parcels within 30 days.

Custom conditions:

Maximum weight of one parcel-up to 30 kg. Without payment of customs duties is permitted — not more than two parcels to one recipient total value up to $1000. (Cost-up to $1000, including the cost of transportation of parcels, provided that it is not a commercial party).

If you have any questions, please call (347) 5605830.

United States
Shipping Service to Ukraine
Address: 2314 86th St
Brooklyn NY

GLOBAL TRANSIT GROUP LLC is the official partner of USPS, DHL, FEDEX, UPS, the leaders in shipping services from the USA. At GLOBAL TRANSIT GROUP LLC, we carry out a high-quality and reliable service for the delivery of goods and parcels from door-to-door. All shipments are shipped out by sea or air service. GLOBAL TRANSIT GROUP LLC, has behind it a vast experience of successful work in the field of cargo transportation.

System management of parcels and orders. Allows you to easily and quickly manage your orders and goods in the warehouse, proceed to the packaging and ask different questions at all stages of the parcel movement.

United States