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ChillTek AC Repair Surprise

Since 2005 ChillTek AC Repair Surprise has been helping the local homes and business in Surprise, AZ stay chilly and cool. We fix air conditioners. After 15 years in business and almost 30 staff we can get any AC up and running again!

We are a somewhat old fashioned company. We are family run and love making sure our customer service is top notch. We do everything we can to make sure you’re satisfied and we are well known in Surprise for that. Every time one of our AC repair techs finishes a job at a property the air conditioning unit is up and running exactly how it should be. At peak performance.

It doesn’t matter if you need to deal with a small portable AC that’s not blowing cold enough air. Or if your ductless mini-split system is leaking water. Or even if you have something major to deal with like the central air is broken and not turning on. We are here to help you get it fixed so you can be comfortable again in our hot city.

Call ChillTek AC Repair Surprise today on (623) 335-1772 to get booked in.

13927 W Grand Ave, Unit 4B
Surprise, AZ

United States