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Address: 1169 Snyder Way
Louisville, CO


OPPS GROUP LIMITED is located in CQ machinery Jiangjin,Chongqing,China.
During 15 years of continuous investment and development of new generation of pellet press, our pellet press has been acknowledged as the best stable pellet press with highest capacity under same output of electric motor, and our continous belt dryer for hemp is innovated with high efficiency of 97%, the time to dry hemp leaves and flowers will be saved.
Main Products:
a. Hemp Continuous Belt Dryer
b. SRF Pellet Mill (5-6T/H 280KW)
c. Hay Tub Grinder
d. Alfalfa Pellet Mill,
e. Wood Pellet Mill
Contact us by phone 0086-18950413320 or visit our website www.opmfz.com

Phone: 303-872-6080
Country: United States